19 Pro Tips to Decorate an Event

Choosing the right event decor is important because it can transform your event and make it come alive. To impress your guests and even have an atmosphere, you have to decorate the venue properly with the help of these pro tips:

Plan Ahead

You already know that there is a lot to take care of so you can put your event together, and the last thing you want is to rush things. Early planning coupled with research will enable you to determine the right decor elements. It will also ensure that you have them ready before getting the ball rolling.

Incorporate Items from Home

From rugs and chairs to decorative blankets and pillows, numerous personalized decor items are found at home, representing your style and preserving your budget. Check around the house and be creative with several ways you may use decoration items you already have to decorate your event and save you money.

Visit the Venue of the Event Beforehand

Even if you have ever been to the place, you should at least try to visit the location to design the layout and have a feel of the space. Take as many pictures as possible and use them as inspiration whenever you have time to move your projects forward.

Work with a Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate your event, especially when you have a good plan. The best way to ensure you stick to your budget is to shop off-season sales, decorate the venue yourself, and double up on gifts/décor.

Choose the Right Table Décor

If your budget allows, go for cheesecloth table linens, fine china, and crystal stemware. But if you have a tight budget, you may still be innovative with your table decor, such as napkins, to capture the attention of attendees.

Enlist the Services of Volunteers

Although organizing an event all by yourself is possible, it won’t be that much fun. Minimize your blood pressure and stress level by enlisting the services of volunteers, including your friends, colleagues, and family.

Define the Type of Event to Plan

The kind of event you plan will dictate the type of decorations you need. If you are planning a traditional wedding, for instance, you will have to consider whether or not to infuse contemporary components from both families into décor.

Arrange Flowers Properly

Incorporate some fresh blooms that match your style and color scheme. From cascading floral arrangements to breathtaking bouquets, you may work with an experienced local florist to create a charming and eye-catching floral arrangement for your event.

Use a lot of Candles

Lighting is and will always be the most affordable way of transforming any space. Especially multiple candles of various heights and sizes, they can add more visual interest to your event and create an atmosphere, which feels intimate and warm.

Go for Creative Backdrops

When planning an event, ask yourself who you are and what message you want to convey. If you want to incorporate a stage that most events do, leverage a creative backdrop to showcase your business’s brand and put more time into choosing eye-catching texts, colors, and images.

Avoid Distracting Décor

Too over-the-top decorations may become a nuisance or a distraction. This is why it is best to keep your decorations simple and avoid things such as tall centerpieces, which may block the view of your guests from professional auctioneers or speakers.

Pick Themes and Concepts

If you prefer a room or hall designed with modern concepts, many fresh things, like flowers, can’t highlight decors as there will be no contrast between fresh and new stuff. In such a venue, use technical items, like crystal-looking fluid lighting and abstract geometric shapes with contrasting fabric in shades of primary colors.

Outline the Ceiling

A plain ceiling is both boring and plain, but using a few yards of fabric will enable you to alter the entire atmosphere of the space for your event. If your event is more conventional, go with ivory or white, but if it is casual, use a vibrant and bright color.

Add TVs to the Venue

Televisions will help your guests see the guest speaker better regardless of where they are seated. They may as well display helpful information during an event, like presentations, while allowing you to run a fun montage of workers’ pictures at break time.

Have a Seating Plan

Tables or chairs must be arranged in a balance or on either side of the venue. The event’s walkways must also have a red carpet that runs through for your guests to walk on.

Incorporate Tents

Plain white tents can obstruct the décor of your event, so look for fun ways to decorate them, for example, customizing the canopy from Instent.com. This will ensure that your tents work with your style and theme. To do that, decorate the venue’s interior by adding lighting, flowers, and color to make the space feel as stylish and cozy as the rest of the event.

Inspect Equipment

After you set up all the equipment and decorations, take your time to complete thorough visual inspections of everything, as a simple mistake may cause dangerous hazards. Everything, from photo booth displays to lighting, must be safe and stable for everyone at the event.

Go Creative with the Layout

Although conventional layouts are easy and simple, they add nothing to the event’s memorability. That is why it is best to be creative, think outside the box, and consider the layout of the space, conversation starters, and uniqueness.

Consider Creating Harmony

If you want a harmonious environment that radiates balance and calm, you will have two major options: monochromatic and analogous colors.

Monochromatic color is a palette using various shades of one particular color, while analogous color is a color that is side by side in the color palette that gives you a soft palette without contrast.

Decoration and atmosphere are two important elements in most events, and when these two elements meet with general approval, your event will be successful. Otherwise, you will have to rethink some components for future celebrations.

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