4 Tips for Creating a Unique and Effective Billboard

Despite the rumors you might have heard circling the hypothetical marketing water cooler, billboards are not dead. While they may have been hibernating while we were all preoccupied with the introduction of personal technology, they have returned in full force. The billboards in Baltimore are evidence of this. Seeing as you desire continued success for your business, it might be time to look into billboard advertising. But, this is a tricky beast. To help you get your bearings, here are 4 tips for creating a unique and effective billboard. 

  1. Location

Truth be told, location is everything in billboard advertising. You and your team can design the most aesthetically pleasing display but if it sits in a bad part of town you are doing nothing more than throwing your money away. The same can be said about a billboard that is partially covered by another object. Yet, you know simply from seeing billboards firsthand, there are plenty of examples similar to these poor options. Needless to be said, your company wants no part of these billboards. So before you do anything else, see what billboard rental options are available. Just because a billboard exists, does not mean it is available for lease. There may be an active, long-standing agreement. Alternatively, there might be something on your end preventing this lease from happening. A specific dollar amount, perhaps. 

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  1. Budget 

Speaking of, let us talk about budgets. Unless a professional artist owes you a favor, it will be darn near impossible to put together a view-worthy billboard without spending money. In actuality, you will spend more than you might initially guess. But, you cannot win the game without playing it so to speak – you must fork over a significant amount of money to achieve billboard marketing results. All this information begs the question of, how much money should you set aside for high quality billboard advertising? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question as each and every business is unique. If that is not clear enough, your business’ profit numbers differ from others. As a result of this, each company will have a different amount of money to spend on billboards and their associated costs. Sure, renting out the best billboard in your city might sound like a good idea until you see just how much it will cost you. To be blunt with this point, establish your corporate billboard budget. After all that, the only thing left to do is adhere to it. Best of luck. 

  1. Contract outside the box

But enough about these more logistically leaning ideas. At this point, the focus will be on the visual design of the billboard itself. That is partially why you came here, correct? Then on we go. 

The following idea may shock and appall those who have centered their careers around billboard design – anyone can do it. Really, it is not rocket science in the slightest. Though, total creative control does not exist as every billboard must adhere to Federal Trade Commission guidelines pertaining to advertising. But so long as your person of choice to design the billboard can manage this small task, then you are free to select any person you would like to design your next billboard. If you choose wisely enough, it could be the difference maker for your company. How can you make this more likely to take place? By contracting an artist who does not regularly work with billboard content – their untrained eyes might be the breath of fresh air your company needs in terms of marketing. 

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  1. Go digital

Most who live in and around highly populated areas of the country have seen at least one or two digital billboards. In fact, they are hard to miss should you come across one in the wild. From a marketing perspective, this is just what you want! You want people to see your ad. Furthermore, you want them to remember it! An ad outside the norm, such as one on a house-sized-television, is all this and more. How so? Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words then a massive electronic screen capable of showing your business to passersby is worth a million. Animated images, video clips, and even audio recordings in some cases, are all a possibility thanks to this technology. From a design perspective, think of all the possible creations you will have at your fingertips should your company gain access to a digital billboard. It will cost you a pretty penny but you will benefit greatly from making this part of your marketing strategy. 

Hopefully, the ideas above have sparked your brain towards creating a unique and effective billboard. But in this process do remember that a winning billboard is often never created in an instant. It is a process so you best settle in and get to creating.