5 Signs You Need To Consolidate Your Debt

Cash flow is essential to a solid financial foundation, an aspect that debt consolidation can help with. If you need to pay your debts faster or need a solution to improve your credit, consolidating your loans will be worthwhile. But how do you know if this is the right move?

You Want To Improve Your Credit Score

Consolidating your debt will be the key to helping you improve your credit score for several reasons. The first is the ease of payment which it provides, helping you pay your bills on time. This reflects positively on your score, with timely payments increasing your rating. If you also have only one type of debt, consolidating your loans and utilizing Symple Lending solutions helps you diversify into multiple types of debt. This shows you can pay for your loans on time, another factor that will increase your credit score.

Lastly, pooling your debt into one will be the way to go if you also want to reduce your credit card utilization ratio. Credit card debts often increase this ratio since the debt on your credit card will likely be higher when compared to your credit limit.

Your Loans Have High-Interest Rates

Credit card rates often depend on your provider, with multiple lenders resulting in excessive interest rate charges. Consolidating your loans into personal debt could help you cut down on such fees, making it possible to take care of urgent everyday needs. That said, make it a point to talk to a Symple Lending expert to help you review the rates for your current loans and your next possible debt solution.

You Can Only Afford the Minimum Limit on Your Credit Card

Clearing any credit balance means paying more than just the set limit, reducing the overall length of your loan. However, if you can only settle the minimum limit, it may be time to look into debt consolidation. Without such a plan, your loan would likely run for years. Settling for the minimum payment amounts could also bring in higher interest rates, a factor that increases the overall loan value.

To avoid these setbacks, create a timeline for your debt payment. Use this plan to research the best consolidation plans to help you pay off your loans in the stipulated time.

You Occasionally Forget To Pay Your Bills

If you have multiple loans, you likely have multiple due dates, balances, and statements to keep up with. This could cause a few missed deadlines, creating financial turmoil. Consolidating your debt can help reduce such an issue, eliminating penalty charges on multiple loans.

Your Pay Check Cannot Settle Your Bills

Having multiple loans means your paycheck will need to cover these obligations while still being enough to cover your monthly expenses. Unfortunately, this may not be possible, with numerous consumers left in a shortage. If this happens multiple times, now is the time to sign up for debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation takes time, with numerous borrowers looking for urgent solutions to help with their debt financing. If any of the above fits your current financial status, consider working with a financial planner to help you secure the right consolidation plan. Keep in mind the interest rates offered, the payment plans, and the approval process for your preferred loan. 

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