5 Small Patio Decor Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Space

Americans spend an overwhelming 90% of their time indoors. That means we’re missing out on many of the important benefits that come along with being outside.

Changing your own backyard patio space to be a fun and functional spot gives you all the more reason to head outdoors. If you have a small patio, you might be wondering if that fun space is possible for you.

Of course, it is! With our tips, you can change your small, boring patio area to a thriving outdoor oasis where you want to spend your time.

What are you waiting for? Read below to learn our top 5 small space patio decor ideas!

  1. Functional Seating

When furnishing a small outdoor space, the seating should be petite. Pick pieces that could even be multifunctional.

Foldable furniture is a good option for patio decorating because it’s easily removable when you need more space. Bistro chairs, for example, are cute and foldable!

Take advantage of any corners you have by purchasing a corner bench for seating. A bonus would be if the bench has storage where you can store floor pillows for extra seating.

Outdoor ottomans are an example of multifunctional furniture. They function as seats, footrests, and even double as a table when a tray is added to the top.

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  1. Outdoor Rug

When there isn’t a lot of space to display your style, throw down an outdoor rug. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home living space.

Bring that style out to your patio area with a fun rug for extra flair. Why not bring some of your home decor outside as well?

A rug doesn’t take up extra space, and it anchors your furniture. This makes the space feel more pulled together and purposeful.

  1. Prioritize the Ambiance

Space isn’t the most important part of your outdoor space. What’s important is the ambiance that makes everyone feel at ease.

Create a relaxing atmosphere with a square umbrella that blocks out the hot afternoon sun. Add a Bluetooth speaker to your space to drown out noisy neighbors with music.

Don’t forget your lighting. String lights are easy to hang and make the area peaceful at night.

A small fire pit adds light, warmth, and ambiance. If your space is too small for even the smallest fire pit, maybe try a tabletop version.

  1. Bar Cart

There’s no reason a small patio space can’t still include a bar spot. Invest in a cute, rolling bar cart to bring in and out as you need it.

You can find a bar cart as small as 16 inches wide if you’d like it to stay permanently outside. This way your refreshments and snacks are only an arm’s reach away!

  1. Vertical Greenery

Greenery in your patio design is a must. It improves the overall appeal of the space.

If your space is too small to sprinkle potted plants around, take them upwards instead. Think about the addition of a plant wall!

Handy people can create their own freestanding plant wall. Others can purchase stands and living wall planters.

Final Patio Decor Thoughts

Make your patio space functional for what you want and need. Some ideas are nice in theory but don’t fit your priorities.

Don’t sacrifice your space because you saw something trendy. Choose your patio decor to be unique to you!

Take these ideas and run with them. For more tips like these, continue reading in our home section.