5 Things to Know Before Shipping a Truck

There are fewer great pleasures than buying a new truck that you’d love to take on the road.

But then it hits you. You bought your truck in Location A but you have to send it to your home in Location B. How exactly do you ship a truck?

You want your truck to reach as fast as possible. But you also want to ensure it stays safe and that you don’t get ripped off financially! This detailed guide will show you what to do when shipping a truck.

Here’s what you must know:

  1. Get a Quote

The first step is to use a car shipping quote calculator to get an estimate of how much you’ll have to pay. Please consider this as a base price as the actual price might be much higher.

Once you’ve received your quote, you want to inquire about payment plans. Make sure you also ask if there are options to receive a discount or a rebate in the future.

  1. Open or Closed?

The next consideration is whether you want to choose an open or a closed transport system.

Open trailers are much cheaper. The major disadvantage is that it leaves your truck vulnerable to damage. However, these are ideal for short distances. If you have a used truck or broken-down truck, then there’s often no additional harm.

Closed trailers are more expensive but worth the investment in most cases. They’re ideal for long-distance transportation. Your truck will be less vulnerable to damage and will have better security.

The one disadvantage is that your truck might attract more dust and debris within the trailer. In some cases, you might need to refill the gas or even make minor repairs to the engine. The enclosed space isn’t always conducive to maintaining a truck.

Make sure you ask the company which of these vehicle shipping options is best for your journey.

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  1. How to Research a Transport Company

Now you’ve got to consider what criteria make a great transport company. The first step is to always go for one that’s registered as a legal entity.

Since we are a nation of entrepreneurs, many Americans can simply invest in transport equipment and get the job done! However, this isn’t the time to give your neighbor Chuck a chance at transporting your truck!

You need to choose a company that’s a legitimate business. Make sure you choose one that has a few years of experience behind them.

First, you want to check their rating online. They should have positive reviews from the Better Business Bureau. This shows that they don’t have any unethical or illegal practices.

You also need to read online reviews and testimonials. Make sure you choose a company that has consistently positive reviews. Make sure most of these reviews aren’t older than 3 months.

The final step is to ask your network for recommendations. They’ll be able to discuss their “lived experience” with the transport companies! They’ll be the most honest on whether a transport company is great or should be avoided!

  1. Never Use a Broker

When looking for transport companies, you’ll inevitably come across a brokering service. These brokers will offer you a major discount for you to ship your truck anywhere.

But most of the time, these brokers aren’t to be trusted. While there are rare exceptions, you want to play it safe and never use them.

With a broker service, you’ll pay the broker a fee. You’ll only communicate with them while they negotiate with an auto transport service. But the problem is, you’ll never know which auto transport company they’re using.

They’ll also not disclose this information to you. They’ll want to be the only port of call for you. This means they might choose a mediocre auto transport company.

In many cases, they might always choose the cheapest option available. This ensures that their cut is as high as possible.

You must have complete control of the entire process. You should be able to contact the auto transport company at any time.

You’ll also need to keep track of your truck’s progress. These features, in most cases, won’t be available if you decide to work via a broker.

  1. Preparing for Shipping a Truck

Now let’s look at what you need to do to ship your truck before sending it to the auto transport company.

First, you want to get your truck insured. This ensures that you’ll receive compensation for any potential damage. Often, the auto transport company will require you to buy insurance.

Next, you want to fill up the gas in the truck. Try to do this no later than 2 days before shipping your truck. This ensures that the transport company can drive your car in case of an emergency.

If you don’t have a duplicate version of your keys, make sure you get them made. Always give the duplicate key to the courier. You must always hold on to the original keys.

Get the truck cleaned before you send it for shipping. You must also fix any major issues with the truck. Ideally, it’ll be in perfect condition before you ship it.

But if not, try to repair the issues in case of an emergency. You’ll have to expect that the company will have to drive the truck in some circumstances. Make sure you get all the tires checked before you ship your truck.

If need be, replace each of the tires with a new one. Do this no more than 2 days before you ship your truck.

Send Your Truck Away

Now you know the process of shipping a truck without any major hassles.

Start by using an online calculator to get a quote estimate. Ask in advance if there are any options for a payment plan.

Next, you want to decide if you want an open or closed trailer. Take your time to research the best transport company for your truck. Never use a broker and follow our steps to prepare your truck.

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