6 Reasons Why Regular Holidays Are Good for Your Mental Health

There are many reasons to love a fun-filled vacation. Not only is it time away from the stresses of work but it’s also an excellent time to spend alone or with family and friends. However, studies are showing that fewer people are taking vacations. 

This is alarming, considering that we’re living in a time when it has become more necessary than ever to unplug and unwind. Whether you’re working at the local police union or you’re stuck in an office all day, it’s time to plan your next holiday.

6 Top Reasons to Start Planning Your Next Vacation

No matter how busy you are at work, if you haven’t had a proper vacation in what seems like forever, it may be time to get in touch with your local travel agent. If you’re still sitting there, trying to convince yourself that you don’t have time, then you need to keep reading. 

  1. Reduce Stress

Studies as recent as 2021 have shown that one in five (20%) Australians between the ages of 16 and 34 experience high or exceptionally high levels of psychological distress. This is more than twice the rate of those aged between 65-85. 

Several factors contribute to the overall increase in our stress levels, including work, family, financial and health reasons. Planning regular vacations away from home enables you to shed stress, even for a short period. 

Being away from the factors that cause you to stress helps you see your problems in perspective. It can also reduce the physiological effects that stress has on the human body. 

  1. Improves Your Relationships

Whether you’re opting for an extravagant out-of-country holiday or a simple camping adventure, the benefits are the same. Going on vacation with your family has a ton of benefits that have most likely been lacking in your usual hustle and bustle. 

Not only does vacation time improve communication between you and your partner or other family members, but it also helps you get back in touch with what’s going on with them. Holidays filled with leisure activities done together are an excellent way to boost current relationships. 

  1. Vacations May Minimise the Risk of Depression

It’s not unusual for the stress of daily life combined with relationship issues to lead to various forms of depression. Depending on the time of year, you may also find yourself suffering from seasonal depression. Time away from your usual situation has been shown to reduce early symptoms of depression and anxiety, making it worth prioritising. 

  1. Expect Improved Physical Health

People who have very busy and stressed lives often suffer from physical issues such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Taking a small holiday at least twice a year will go a long way to reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. 

Time out of the office or workplace is also an excellent way to get some fresh air, recharge your energy levels and boost your fitness. If you regularly suffer from neck or back pain caused by working over a desk all day, time out will alleviate this for a few days, giving your body chance to mend. 

  1. Reduce the risk of Burnout

Employees who schedule regular breaks to relax are less likely to suffer from burnout. This in turn makes them more likely to be more creative and productive in their work environment.

If you’re not sure if you’re teetering on the edge of burnout, here are a few symptoms to look out for.

  • Constant headaches
  • Frequent illness
  • Changes in appetite or sleeping patterns
  • Feeling more stressed than usual
  • Experiencing increased feelings of irritation
  • Loss of motivation
  1. Improved Sleeping Patterns

Individuals who are over-tired and stressed often experience a change in sleeping patterns. Studies have shown that people sleep better when they have regular breaks. Additionally, better sleeping patterns can linger for about five weeks after your vacation. 

Some of the benefits of good sleeping habits include the following:

  • Lowers the risk for serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes
  • Reduces stress and improves your general mood
  • Assists with maintaining clearer perspectives of problems and issues

Vacations that Count

For many people, it may not be possible to have regular vacations throughout the year. After all, there are only so many leave days on offer. Additionally, there may also be financial factors to consider. 

The good news is that you don’t have to plan an extravagant holiday for it to count. You can easily plan weekend getaways that involve visiting new locations, not too far from home. Since Australia is filled with many camping sites all over the country, you don’t have to look very far for your break away destination.

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Final Thought

Essentially, humans aren’t designed to work nonstop. There’s good reason for the old expression that says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

With the many benefits to your mental and physical health, planning regular breaks away from home and work should feature more prominently on your annual to-do list.