7 Common Fireplace Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

41 percent of single-family homes built in 2018 included fireplaces. Fireplaces aren’t as common as they once were, so if you want to have one in your home, you may need to plan it as an addition.

When building a fireplace, however, many homeowners make mistakes that can lead to disappointing results. It’s important to choose the right fireplace for your home and understand the fireplace installation process before getting started.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at 7 common fireplace buying mistakes and will tell you how to avoid them.

  1. Not Budgeting Correctly

One of the mistakes that homeowners make is that they don’t think through the cost of the fireplace carefully enough. Costs for a fireplace can be higher than you might expect at first and there’s more to consider than you might realize.

Not only will you need to think about the cost of the fireplace itself, but you’ll also need to make sure to think about installation costs as well. On top of this, you’ll also want to think about the ongoing care and maintenance costs. Wood and gas fireplaces, for example, will each require different ongoing costs.

Be sure to do plenty of research and be sure that you understand the overall cost of a fireplace when planning an installation.

  1. Failing to Consider Local Regulations

It’s also essential that you understand all of the local codes in your area before installing a fireplace.

Many cities have rules and regulations that you’ll need to follow when installing a fireplace in a home. This could include restrictions regarding the kind of fireplace that you’re able to install and its functionality.

Not all fireplace types will be acceptable in all locations, so be sure to check with your local government to learn about relevant restrictions. Additionally, you’ll also want to check a manufacturer’s safety and installation guidelines before installing a fireplace as well. 

  1. Not Hiring the Right Installers

One of the most common fireplace-buying mistakes you should avoid is only focusing on the fireplace itself. You also need to make sure that you hire professional installers.

If you don’t use a qualified fireplace installation company, the job may not turn out well, and you may be disappointed with the results. Not using a professional for the installation may also void the warranty of certain fireplace manufacturers.

Instead, be sure to compare installers and hire one you can rely on. Be sure to read reviews and ask plenty of questions of an installer before choosing to work with them.  

  1. Picking the Wrong Fireplace Type

When buying a fireplace, make sure that you carefully consider the type of fuel that it uses.

Wood-burning, gas-burning, and pellet-burning fireplaces are all popular types of fireplaces to consider. However, they all have different requirements with regard to how you’ll need to care for them and maintain them and what the ongoing costs will be for heating your home.

Gas-burning fireplaces can be easier to maintain but may not provide the same ambiance that a wood-burning fireplace will. Be sure that you think about what you prefer for your home and consider the costs carefully when making your decision.

Additionally, if you’re thinking about installing a double-sided gas fireplace for your home, be sure to understand all of the pros and cons. You’ll want to learn more about 2 sided fireplace ideas beforehand.

  1. Failing to Read Online Reviews

A fireplace is a pretty large purchase, so make sure that you spend time doing some research before buying one.

One of the most useful things that you can do is to spend time reading online reviews before choosing a fireplace for your home. Online reviews can give you insight into how good of a choice the fireplace will be after purchasing it.

Some reviewers may find that a fireplace doesn’t function well enough or provide adequate heat. Others may be dissatisfied with the support that the manufacturer provides.

Be sure to consider the opinions of others when buying a fireplace since this can also give you a good idea of whether you’ll be pleased with it.

  1. Not Thinking Through a Replacement

When replacing a fireplace, it’s especially important to make sure that you get the installation right.

Remember that fireplaces aren’t interchangeable and each will require different vent systems and chimneys. Some fireplaces are vented while others are non-vented. 

If you’re replacing a wood-burning fireplace with a gas fireplace, then you’ll need to make sure that it has everything it needs to operate correctly and safely. 

Make sure that you understand the ins and outs of making a fireplace replacement. Don’t proceed with an installation until you’re sure you understand everything about the process.

  1. Failing to Check the Heat Output

Another mistake that homeowners make when buying a fireplace is that they don’t get one that’s the right size for their home and they don’t choose one that produces the right amount of heat.

Remember that size and heating capabilities don’t always go hand in hand. Sometimes large fireplaces won’t heat a home adequately. 

When evaluating a fireplace that you’re thinking about buying, you’ll want to be sure to check how many BTUs it produces. Ensure that it provides the right heat output for your needs and for the size of the space that you’ll be heating.

Failing to get the right fireplace for your home’s size is a big mistake and can lead to a lot of disappointment later on. 

Avoiding These Common Fireplace Buying Mistakes

If you want to improve the ambiance of your home and feel warm and cozy during the winter months, be sure to avoid these common fireplace buying mistakes. Hire reliable installers, choose the right fuel type for the fireplace, and get the right fireplace size if you want to be happy with the new addition to your home.

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