8 Signs Of A Healthy Baby Parents Should Know

Parents dote on their babies endlessly. It is impossible for them to resist the joy brought on by the presence of the little one. However, they also encounter various concerns alongside positive emotions. As a new parent, you may constantly wonder if your baby is healthy. Even ordinary actions could trigger newfound fears regarding their well-being .

However, those concerns are justified due to the number of babies who experience birth injuries. The fact that babies cannot communicate their discomfort can complicate the situation. Regardless, parents can stay alert and detect changes in their behavior that can clue them into their health.

Here are some notable signs that can let you know your baby is perfectly healthy.

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  1. Can Support Their Weight

Several parents worry incessantly about their baby encountering birth injuries. These can occur due to a lack of oxygen in the brain or even medical negligence. One significant positive indication that can reassure you they are healthy is if babies can support their body weight. 

Babies with birth injuries often have slow development, and their muscles appear severely stiff. Hence, they have trouble standing up or performing normal activities like rolling over. Regular babies should be able to hold their heads up at merely one-month-old. 

Observing your baby gaining control over his muscles is an excellent sign that indicates they are healthy. However, if they cannot flex their growing muscles, you should visit childbirthinjuries.com to gain a deeper insight into the symptoms and causes of such conditions. 

  1. Your Presence Soothes Them

New babies tend to be highly fussy and wail endlessly. There are very few ways you can successfully calm them down long enough to stop their cries. One effective way can be to simply talk to the baby. 

It may sound odd talking to a newborn that doesn’t understand you. However, your voice must have been a consistent part of the baby’s existence while they were confined to the womb for nine months. Hence, it would have a familiar, warm timbre that could soothe them successfully. 

It can clue you into the baby’s emotional development and assure you that the baby is slowly growing attached to you. They may also be more attentive when you are talking as opposed to anyone else. 

  1. Have Regular Sleeping Times

You might feel like there is no sleeping pattern in the initial months. However, after some time, it becomes evident for some parents that their babies start to follow a sleeping routine. If you have observed this, it is an excellent sign observed in healthy babies.

The newfound routine signals that the baby’s nervous system is on the right track. That means their development is healthy and normal as the nervous system helps babies fall into a schedule. Hence, it shows they are content and happy.

You shouldn’t feel troubled if your baby hasn’t adopted a routine yet. It takes longer for some newborns to get to that stage. However, you can actively try to make them follow a specific schedule by lulling them to sleep at a certain time.

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  1. Make Eye Contact And Smile

Babies develop a greater bond with their parents and caretakers as they grow. By one month, they will likely maintain eye contact with you and respond with an angelic smile. After another month, they will even give you a full-fledged grin or a giggle. By the fourth month, they can actively laugh and coo if you play with them.

All these signs are positive indicators of a baby’s good health. It can let you know they are engaging socially and expressing themselves through facial expressions. These milestones will eventually help your baby adopt speech and speak their first few words. It may start off as incoherent babbling and ultimately result in basic words.

  1. Attentive Toward New Sounds

Babies start listening to sounds long before they are thrust into the world. They can be distantly aware of certain sounds even in the womb. That can be why they respond more to their parents’ speech than others. 

However, it takes time for babies to recognize and understand specific noises. Observing them reacting to the sound of music or squeaky toys is a great way to ascertain their development. You may notice them trying to look for the source of the new sounds. It displays their curiosity and ensures their ears are perfectly healthy. 

  1. Have Several Wet Diapers Every Day

A certified way to check if your baby is healthy is by checking their diapers. Normal babies require a change of diapers at least four to six times a day. It can let you know if your baby is getting sufficient milk, whether you use breast or infant formula milk. It can let you know if your baby is getting sufficient milk, whether you use breast or formula milk. That is further proven when the baby starts gaining weight. 

Moreover, a baby’s urine color can indicate if they are adequately hydrated. If their urine appears dark, it can mean they are dehydrated. You should consult your pediatrician in such cases.

  1. Requires Frequent Feeding

Babies can alert parents to their desire to feed by letting out loud wails. They are born with an instinctive sucking reflex, so they will start sucking anything they get in their mouth. If their sucking urge and desire to feed is frequent, it can be a great sign that they are healthy.

It implies that the baby has an excellent appetite that can fuel their body adequately. Furthermore, it also shows they have a normal digestive system as they can digest milk quickly and require more soon after. 

  1. Has Regular Stools

Some babies poop more frequently than others. It can help parents ascertain the baby’s well-beingwell-being as certain babies face difficulties passing stools, causing them to do it once every few days. If you are encountering such a situation, wait to see if they start passing softer, more frequent tools after a while. You can ask your pediatrician how to combat the issue if it persists.

To Conclude

Having a newborn can bring about both endless joy and inevitable concerns. However, you can stay up-to-date on your baby’s development by taking note of these behaviors. As a parent, your instinct can guide you to know if things are normal. However, you should waste no time discussing the problem with the doctor if you have any concerns.