A quick look at the highlights of portable trade show displays

Your company’s presence at a trade show or event can help boost brand value and generate more leads. One of the most challenging tasks is to set up the booth, for which you need a good budget and a mix of effective ideas. While conventional exhibits are required for many events, you may want to include portable trade show displays. Here are some highlights worth noticing.

  • Diverse models and configurations: Popup portable displays are dynamic and come in a wide range of sizes, models, and forms. You can also consider between configurations and choose features you like. The good news is there is enough room to customize designs to represent your brand. Common models in the category include counters, product display shelves, TV mount options, and backlit fixtures.
  • Easy to assemble: Portability is a big factor for setting up a trade show booth in a short time. These designs are super easy to install, and only one person is required to handle the whole arrangement. Multiple exhibits can be assembled in a short time. Also, there is no need for additional tools, which could mean massive savings when your company is attending multiple events all through the year.
  • Simple storage: Storing your trade show displays and exhibits for the next event is often a concern, which portable varieties get away with. You can choose to dismantle the setup and keep things safely within the workplace without the need for a warehouse.
  • Travel-friendly cases: Many exhibit designers are now offering durable and mobile shipping cases for these displays, which makes it much easier to travel between destinations. If your company intends to have the same brand message across events, portable displays are a better option in terms of investment and wouldn’t need replacement for a long time.

Finding a supplier for portable trade show displays

Not all vendors specialize in portable displays, and you should check a few samples before choosing a supplier. Ask for estimates and the scope of customization. Every company’s motto for a trade show is different, and only when you can get bespoke solutions to represent the right message should you agree to buy exhibits. As for the cost of portable designs, it largely depends on the type and nature of the product. Select products that can repeated and reused.

With portable displays, you can do more with your marketing budget. Also, there are better and more innovative ways to showcase products and services without relying on oversized exhibits alone.