Baton 4 1300 Lumen Premium Edition EDC Flashlight

Introducing the Baton 4 Premium Edition, a lighting innovation that sets the standard for excellence. As the successor to the renowned Baton 3, the Baton 4 boasts high-performance features like a powerful LED and TIR lens. With an astonishing 1,300 lumens and a beam distance of 170 meters, it’s a force to be reckoned with. But that’s not all—thes or more strenuous outdoor activities. You can easily light up even the darkest regions with its impressive beam distance of 170 meters.

Improved Micro-Perforated Laser Indicator:

The Baton 4 is a creative and intuitive device with an improved laser micro-perforated indication. This useful function shows the remaining brightness and battery life in an easy-to-read manner. You can rely on your Baton 4 to be prepared when you need it most because you’ll always be aware of when it needs to be recharged.

Durable Metal Switch:

Baton 4 Premium Edition’s durability is one of its main features. The updated metal switch on the flashlight not only gives it a more elegant look, but it also makes it more robust overall. The Baton 4 is ready to work dependably in any circumstance because to the firm and pleasant feedback that each press of the metal switch produces.

Higher-Capacity Battery:

The charging case that was specially made for the Baton 4 is revolutionary. Strong 5000mAh 18650 battery power is one of its main additions over the previous model. The longer battery life of the Baton 4 is a result of its larger capacity. Its remarkable runtime of up to 190 days guarantees that you won’t run out of light when you need it the most.

Command with the Case:

The goal of the Baton 4 Premium Edition is to improve your lighting experience in general, not only with the flashlight itself. You may fully operate the flashlight using the case’s smart display button without taking it out of your pocket or purse. The Baton 4 is distinguished from other flashlights by this feature, which adds a level of convenience.

Type-C Input and Output:

The Baton 4’s exterior includes a Type-C universal interface. This sleek and functional connection enables the case to double as a power bank in addition to making charging simple. The case is a multi-purpose accessory that is ideal for people who are constantly on the go because it can be conveniently used to charge your other mobile devices.

Digital Display Button:

The Baton 4 Premium Edition has a digital display button on its casing that functions as an accurate battery level indicator. This function is quite helpful for organizing your outdoor activities or making sure you’re never caught off guard when it gets dark. You’ll always know how much battery life your Baton 4 has left.

One Case for Five Lights:

One of the main themes of the Baton 4 Premium Edition is versatility. The case is entirely compatible with the Baton 3, S1R II, Perun Mini, and Perun 2 Mini, in addition to the Baton 4. Because of its adaptability, it can meet a variety of lighting needs and is a comprehensive all-in-one lighting solution.

Because security and comfort are of the utmost importance, the Baton 4 is equipped with a safe safety lanyard. This lanyard keeps your Baton 4 safe and secureeven in trying circumstancesby preventing unintentional drops. It’s a well-considered addition that highlights the importance of product durability and customer experience.

The Baton 4 Premium Edition’s battery and charging system play a pivotal role in enhancing its versatility, making it a standout choice among portable flashlights.

Here’s how this feature set provides a remarkable advantage:

1. Battery with high capacity:

A robust 5000mAh 18650 battery is housed in a specially designed charging case that is included with the Baton 4 Premium Edition. This large capacity battery greatly increases the flashlight’s operating time. For people who need to use the flashlight for extended periods of time without frequently recharging, this feature is essential. Depending on the brightness setting chosen, the Baton 4’s runtime of up to 190 days guarantees that you won’t run out of light when you need it most.

2. Power Bank Function:

The Baton 4’s charging case doubles as a flexible power bank in addition to being a passive accessory. You can use the Type-C input and output compatibility of the casing to charge additional mobile devices in addition to the flashlight. This feature is revolutionary for people who want a single gadget that can do several tasks. The charging case for the Baton 4 may be used to charge any USB-compatible device, including tablets and smartphones.

3. Digital Display Button:

An accurate battery level indicator is built inside the Baton 4 Premium Edition’s case’s digital display button. The battery life left is accurately measured by this visual feedback. It enables you to organize any circumstance where dependable illumination is necessary, such as outdoor events. You’ll be ready for anything since you’ll always be able to tell when it’s time for a recharge.

4. Suitable for Use with Other Lights:

The charging case for the Baton 4 is made to function as a universal charging option. A variety of Olight products, such as the Baton 3, S1R II, Perun Mini, and Perun 2 Mini, are fully compatible with it. Because of this compatibility, you can charge and store numerous lights in the same case, which offers even more convenience. It is a multipurpose charging hub that makes charging various Olight flashlights easier for people who own a collection of them.

5. Convenient Control with the Case:

The Baton 4 Premium Edition’s casing serves as both a storage and charging compartment and a flashlight control device. Users can access various lighting settings and functionalities without physically handling the flashlight by pressing the display button on the case. This feature enhances the simplicity of your lighting experience by providing quick and simple access to a variety of lighting settings.

To sum up,

The Baton 4 Premium Edition flashlight is proof of superior quality and creativity in the field of portable lighting. It stands out as a dependable and complete option because of its compact yet potent design, improved indicators, sturdy construction, longer battery life, and adaptable features like the digital display button and connection with other lights.