Top 10 Best Cities In Turkey To Visit

Are you a traveler and searching for the best cities in Turkey? Then, you have arrived at the perfect spot. Here, I will tell you about the beautiful best cities in Turkey where you can plan your trip. Turkey has many wonderful scenic sites, picturesque landscapes, and gorgeous beaches. The combination of dark green mountains and stunning valleys make a place worth visiting. If you love non-veg then Turkish cities will become your favorite as they serve a range of yummy non-veg varieties. Keep reading the article to know more about the best cities in Turkey to visit.

List of Best Cities In Turkey To Visit

First I will just reveal the names of the best cities in Turkey that you can visit on your next holidays. I am sure that you will love to visit all these amazing best cities in Turkey.

  1. Istanbul
  2. Antalya
  3. Ankara
  4. Bursa
  5. Izmir
  6. Konya
  7. Fethiye
  8. Gaziantep
  9. Trabzon
  10. Sanliurfa

Top 10 Best Cities In Turkey

In this section, I will tell you more information and details about the best cities in Turkey that you can travel to. These best cities in Turkey for holidays have many tourist places to visit and explore.

  1. Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the famous best cities in Turkey with many historical tourist places to visit. The oldest historical spot that you should visit is the Haga Sophia which is a Cathedral. It was built around the time of 537 AD and was made by the Byzantine Dynasty.

To see the finest stunning architectural work you should plan a trip to the Blue Mosque which was constructed in 1616. I am sure its beautiful gleaming blue tile work will leave you amazed.

To get a close look at the royalty of the Ottoman Empire you should take a tour of Topkapi Palace which was made around 1800. You will get to see the spellbinding and engaging artwork on the walls and tiles of the palace.

If you are a shopping buff then you should not miss going to the shiny and dazzling Grand Bazaar. Here, you will find a lot of amazing kinds of stuff that you can take home. I assure you that if you plan a trip to this best city in Turkey to enjoy and have a good time.

  1. Antalya


Antalya is among the best cities in Turkey for tourist with many places to tour to. If you want to see how the turkey looked in the 18th Century you should visit the Kaleici. You will get to watch the old-fashioned red home cute designs and cobblestone streets. You can also go and watch the Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque which is nearby.

To uncover the vast history of Turkey you should make a trip to the Antalya Museum. There are many amusing artifacts and thousands of surprising exhibits kept there. One of the popular tourist landmarks of the city is Yivli Minare which shows the excellent architectural style of Seljuk.

There are many other places that you can take a tour of in this one of the tourist best cities in Turkey. The list includes Hadrian Gate, Hidirlik Kalesi Aspendos Termessos, Perge and Karain Cave.

  1. Ankara


Ankara is the capital city and is included in the best cities in Turkey for vacation. To learn and know more about the Ancient civilizations you can visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

The most popular attraction of this best city in Turkey is Anitkabir which is an important pilgrimage site. It is made with delightful marbles and nicely designed architecture. If you have an eye for art and craft then you should not miss going to the Ankara painting and sculpture museum.

For entertainment and some fun time, you can go to the Ankara state opera house. There you can watch cultural dance, art, and musical performances. To see the gorgeous landscape views and to chill you can go to the popular Genclik Park.

The other must-see locations where you can tour include Haci Bayram i-Veli Cami, Erimtan Archaeology & Art Museum, Gordion, and Eymir Lake.

  1. Bursa


Bursa is listed in the best shopping cities in turkey due to its famous huge Grand bazaar. The popular visitor’s spot here is the Green Tomb which has a charming interesting design on the walls and the tiles.

You should also not miss going to the Grand Mosque which was constructed around 1396 and has a pretty Ottoman type of architect. You can also visit the old city wall which is near to it. You will get the bird’s eye view of the entire Bursa from there which is very amazing to see. The other tourist sites to see here are Nicea and Cumalikizik.

If you are a foodaholic then you must try the famous Turkish fish dishes at Deniz Tabagi, Haci Dayi, and Iskender Kebap restaurants.

  1. Izmir


Izmir is the third-largest city and is indexed in the best coastal cities in turkey. The first place that you should visit in this city is Konak Square. Here you will get to see the stunning and dazzling Clock tower which was made by the German King Wilhelm II.

To know more about Izmir’s past and rich culture you can visit  Ataturk Museum, Agora Museum, Pergamon Museum, and Bostanlı Archaeological Museum.

You can take a trip to Kadifekale Castle and the Ataturk Stone Sculpture to get insights into the history of Alexander the Great. The Kadifekale castle is also known as the Velvet castle because of its outstanding impressive views.

You should also not miss going to the famous archaeological sites such as Ephesus, amphitheater and St. Mother Mary’s house. There are many other places that you can tour around such as Asansor, St. John’s Cathedral, and Salepcioglu Mosque.

To try the traditional authentic tasty Turkish foods like baked manti, Ezogelin corba you can go to Konak Pier.

  1. Konya


Konya is one of the best cities to see in Turkey and has many popular attractions. The most famous site to see here is the Mevlana Museum. It is basically the tomb of a religious guide and poet Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi. The place is very pretty with lovely rose gardens and lavish architect.

To watch the magnificent art and incredible tile work you must visit Karatay Medresisi. You will also get to see some splendid archaeological exhibits kept there. You can also go to see the wooden and stone art and craft designs at the Ince Minare Medrese.

You can even go and witness the ancient greek settlement that was priorly set up in Sille. If you have much time then you should make a trip to Koyunoglu Museum,  Sahib-i Ata Kulliyesi, Catalhoyuk and Alaeddin Tepe, etc.

  1. Fethiye


Fethiye is among the best small cities in turkey and has many famous places to visit. You can go back in time and recall the history of this best city in Turkey at the Fethiye Museum. The Lycian site is one of the famous places here. You will get to see many scattered monuments and ruins throughout the sides of the city.

The other popular historic site here is the Roman theatre which was constructed around the 2nd Century BC. It is believed that it could have seated around 6000 spectators when it was originally built.

Nature lovers must visit the picturesque butterfly valley which is located between the two sharp mountains. You can even hike up the mountain to see the stunning and breathtaking views of the valley.

You can also take a trip to other tourist spots such as Xanthos, Letoon, Pinara, Saklikent Gorge, Kayakoy, and Oludeniz Lagoon.

  1. Gaziantep


Gaziantep is included in the best cities in turkey safest for vacation. If you want to see the best artworks and crafts from all around the world then you should visit the Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum. It has unique exhibits of the Roman era and is also the largest world mosaic museum. There are many other museums that you can tour to such as Gaziantep Archaeological Museum, City Museum, and Ethnography Museum.

Have you ever heard of a food museum? If not then you should definitely go to Emine Gogus Culinary Museum. Here, you will get information about the delicious Gaziantep cuisine and the famous tasty dishes that you can try.

The other places that you can visit here include the Sakcagoz, Halfeti, Belkis Zeugma, and the famed Gaziantep Mosques.

  1. Trabzon


Trabzon has gorgeous landscapes and is listed in the best cities in Turkey black sea. The must-see site here is the Sumela Monastery which was constructed in 386 AD. You be surprised to see this structure as it is made on the cliff at a height of 3937 feet.

You can go and visit the fabulous Castle of this best city in Turkey named Trabzon Kalesi. It is a historical structure that was made around  2000 BC by King Alexios II. There are many other sites that you can tour to such as Trabzon Ayasofya Muzesi, Vazelon Monastry and Ataturk Kosku Muzesi.

To relax and feel close to nature you must take a trip to Uzungol and spend some time there. It is a small village with lush green mountains and a large dazzling blue lake in the center. I encourage you to visit this one of the best cities in Turkey to take a break from your busy life.

  1. Sanliurfa


Sanliurfa is also known as Urfa and is indexed in the best cities to live in Turkey. The most popular site here is the Gobeklitepe which is also thought of as the oldest temple of the world. You will get to see the carving of animals and neolithic culture which were made back in about 10,000 BC.

You should even not miss going to the huge wonderful Dergah Complex. It is popularly said that the Clairvoyant Abraham was also born there. To see the attractive and the prettiest Mosque of this best city in Turkey you should visit the Selahattin Eyunbi Mosque.

The famous archaeological and ancient sites that you can take a trip to are Ulu Camii, Harran, Sogmatar, Castle, and Sultantepe.

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What Is The Safest City In Turkey?

Izmir is one of the safest cities in Turkey. Digital nomads in Izmir can work from one of the many cafes or coworking spaces in the city.

Which City Has The Most Tourists?


This famous capital city in Thailand ranks as the top-visited city in the world. Bangkok welcomed 22 million visitors in 2021! Imagine 22 million people flocking to one city, crazy!

Which City Is The Cheapest To Live In Turkey?

Cities such as Ağrı, Müş, Bingöl, Bitlis, Bilçek, Kars and Siirt, etc. are among the cheapest cities in Turkey. Eskişehir and Erzurum have been introduced as two cheap cities for students to live and study in Turkey.

What Is The Poorest Part Of Turkey?

Research from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) once again reveals that the poorest cities in Turkey are in the Kurdish provinces in the east and southeast.

Can A US Citizen Retire In Turkey?

Turkey doesn’t have a visa specifically for retirement, so you have to apply for a residence permit instead. This requirement applies to anyone who intends to remain in the country more than three months.

Is Bodrum Or Antalya Better?

They are both excellent destinations with fantastic beaches and top-notch nightlife. When it comes to attractions, history, and generally things to do, Antalya has the edge over Bodrum. Bodrum has a lot of nice beaches but it falls short of other attractions.

What Language Is Spoken In Turkey?


Türkiye / Official language

About 75 million people speak Turkish in Turkey, where Turkish is the official language, and 90% of the population speaks it as a first language. Turkish is also the language spoken at home by those living in areas that had been governed by the Ottoman Empire.


There are many famous best cities in Turkey which I have mentioned above. There is so much to see and experience in this wonderful country. Turkey is known for its charming beautiful sites, appealing architecture, and huge shopping bazaars. The rich diverse culture and magnificent history of this place are very inviting. Food lovers should not miss trying the authentic delicious mouthwatering range from Turkish to Gaziantep cuisine. Not only this there are many archaeological sites that you must explore. I am sure after knowing all these awesome facts you will book your tickets to these best cities in Turkey soon.

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