Best Strawberry Desserts to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Most people think strawberry desserts are cool, light, and fresh treats best enjoyed during the hot summer months. While strawberries are in peak season during the late spring and early summer, they are grown year-round. You can enjoy delicious and warm desserts made with strawberries, even in the winter months. Here are the top five strawberry deserts you should try to keep you cozy this winter:

1. Strawberry S’mores Skillet

Spending time outdoors in the winter is always more enjoyable when there’s a campfire nearby to keep you warm. S’mores are a favorite campfire dessert. For a fun twist on the classic outdoor dessert, you should make a Strawberry S’mores Skillet.

To make Strawberry S’mores Skillet, you’ll need a skillet, sliced strawberries, and your favorite s’mores ingredients, like graham crackers and chocolate chips. Layer your ingredients in the skillet, then let them melt together over the campfire. 

Share your strawberry-topped s’mores with friends or family around the campfire for a wonderful after-dinner treat. If you don’t have a campfire, but want to enjoy this tasty dessert, simply broil the skillet in your oven until the ingredients melt together. 

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2. Strawberry Stuffed Fudge

Fudge is a smooth and rich dessert often shared with friends and family around winter holidays. If you have a holiday party to attend, bring some Strawberry Stuffed Fudge. It makes the perfect hostess gift or potluck dessert for any get-together from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day.

This sweet dessert is reminiscent of a chocolate-covered strawberry, which makes it sure to be a crowd favorite. Some might argue that it’s better than a chocolate-covered strawberry because there’s a better balance of chocolate and strawberry in each bite.

If you’re giving Strawberry Stuffed Fudge as a gift, you can garnish it with a dusting of powdered sugar. The powdered sugar is tasty and looks like a fresh, white snowfall. 

3. Strawberry Cookies

A simple cookie can be the perfect evening dessert. They’re easy to make, don’t require too many ingredients, and have many variations. Here are just a few different types of strawberry cookies you could try to warm up your winter:

  • Strawberry chocolate chunk cookies
  • Strawberry peanut butter and jelly sandwich cookies
  • Strawberry snickerdoodle cookies
  • Strawberry chia jam thumbprint cookies
  • Strawberry oatmeal no-bake cookies

Strawberries are so versatile that you can usually add them to any of your favorite wintertime cookie recipes. One way to experiment with strawberries in your cookie recipe is to add small diced pieces to the dough. Another way to incorporate strawberries into your cookie desserts is to add a drizzle of strawberry jam to the top once the cookies are done baking.

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4. Strawberry Bread Pudding

Another amazing strawberry dessert to try in the wintertime is Strawberry Bread Pudding. It’s the perfect dessert to enjoy in cold weather because it’s best served warm. 

Strawberry bread pudding is a great recipe for beginners because it’s easy to make. Simply use your favorite store-bought challah or brioche bread as a base. Then add ingredients like nuts, dried fruit, and cinnamon to invoke familiar winter flavors. 

When enjoying Strawberry Bread Pudding in the wintertime, top it with a warm drizzle of strawberry puree or warm strawberry jam. You can also top it with some cinnamon or vanilla ice cream for added creaminess. 

5. Stovetop Graham Cracker Strawberry Crisp

For a delightfully cozy winter dessert with strawberries, try Stovetop Graham Cracker Strawberry Crisp. The gooey strawberry filling is made with cinnamon which is the perfect spice to use when you want to add warmth to your winter desserts.

This winter dessert really comes together when the filling is combined with the crunchy graham cracker crisp topping. You can add creaminess and sweetness to this winter dessert by serving it with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Strawberry Desserts Have Endless Possibilities

The best part about using strawberries in your favorite dessert recipes is that you can find fresh, ripe strawberries throughout the year at your local grocery store. Whether you’re looking for something cool and refreshing during the summer or you want something warm to invoke cozy feelings in the winter, strawberry desserts are the perfect end to any meal. There are virtually limitless possibilities for creating your next favorite dessert with strawberries. The only thing left to do is decide which one to make first.