Birthday Decor Checklist: Items To Decorate On The Big Day

Birthday decorating ideas are not just for a kid’s birthday. It is certainly also for the adults who enjoy getting together and love parties.  

However, planning a birthday party and buying decorative items is not easy, specifically when many options are available in the market.  

To resolve this issue, consider these basic materials: birthday balloons, party poppers, lights, and birthday banners. You can decorate the space with flowers to elevate the look.  

There are various online platforms that help you find flowers for gift. Similarly, to surprise someone living abroad, you can surprise them and send flowers internationally.  

So here we are to simply the task and help you pick the best birthday decoration. This article will provide you with a checklist for planning a surprise party for your family member or friend.  

Checklist For Organizing A Birthday Party  

Are you Looking for tips on organizing a surprise birthday party, engaging the guests, and organizing the attendees?  

Here is a list of things that will guide you in creating a checklist for planning birthday party decor items.  

1. Birthday Banner  

Apart from making the birthday party look vibrant, festive, and cheerful, your decor items should make the birthday pictures click-worthy and momentous.  

Celebrating a birthday with exciting and fun decor items will make your brother more merrier. In order to do that, there can be no better decorative item than a birthday banner.  

You can place the banner on the wall or deck up your living room and put it on a door. Therefore, the black and golden banner is a perfect choice if you plan to celebrate your birthday outdoors or at home.  

All you need is to arrange the alphabet and attach it to the string. Hang it either on a wall or a nail with tape. However, the banners are readily available in the market, and you can select one as per the theme decided.  

Thus, a birthday banner is such a decorative material without which the list of itineraries is incomplete.  

2. Decorative Buffet  

Only when there is good food is the birthday completed. Similarly, when you are planning to organize a high-end party, you need to picture a decadent board with fries, fruits, cheese, and some grills on the table.

Since you are organizing a birthday party, the main attraction is the buffet table. To make it look appealing, you need the right set of tableware kits, a floral table cover, and some flowers for decorating the table.  

However, you certainly do not need to spend a fortune on good design. All you need is to create arty from food, place it in the right order, and serve it hot.  

For instance, do not stack ham in a straight line if you plan to offer ham. Rather, arrange them around breads. It visually looks appealing for a birthday party and is the perfect party decoration idea.  

3. Brighten Up The Space With Flowers 

If you plan to celebrate a birthday party indoors, you can transform it with blooms of the present season.  

It will make your space look fresh and vibrant and give character to your home. Therefore, you can add a few of your favorite flowers to the coffee or dinner table to spruce up the surroundings.  

On the other hand, you can decorate with flowers to design the tops of the doorframes and windows. Hang some beaded strings which will act as a curtain.  

Hence, doing this is a wonderful and inexpensive way to add a pop of fresh color to your venue.  

4. Add LED Lights  

Another birthday decor essential is LED string lights, which give a warm and cozy vibe. However, the birthday decor checklist is incomplete without fairy or LED lights.  

If you plan to decorate your terrace, a canopy of lights will look elegant and magical. On the other hand, it is also a great idea to surprise your loved one on their big day.  

Thus, all you would need is a canopy, a comfy floor cushion, some flowers, and string lights.  

Furthermore, if you are looking for something trendy, then neon lights are the one. This decor item with a sequence backdrop goes well for an outdoor or indoor birthday set-up.  

To make it more exciting, set a table with some quirky props. It will mke your guests have a great time in that corner.  

5. Candles In Gold Finish  

Birthday candles represent divine light and purity. It is a custom in any household to make a wish before you can blow the birthday candle.  

Along with cake, birthday candles are an important element that needs to be on your checklist. You can choose a gold finish candle to match the black and golden theme. It looks elegant and classic when you place it on the cake.  

However, these candles act like a cake topper, giving the cake a beautiful look.  

There are tons of birthday candles available in the market, so buy the one that goes best with the cake. You can also purchase one, considering the theme of the birthday party.  

6. Ballon Arc  

This birthday decoration item is an absolutely trendy and loved decorating design. Rather, it is perfect for lighting up your space and making it look elegant.  

Balloons are an essential decoration element. You can select the color as per the theme and color of your choice.  

However, you can be creative this time and alter the common method of leaving the balloon on the floor and creating an arc. All you need is a balloon of different sizes and tie them together to form an arc.  

Select a good color combination for this birthday, and it will be ready for a perfect photo-worthy spot.  

7. Party Popper  

The party popper adds a joyful and colorful display regardless of the occasion or theme.

Tags birthday decor items have become the most used and are in great demand, specifically when there are get-togethers.  

These poppers are available in different colors and sizes, and you can readily get them in the market. The sound of this decor must be loud, but the material inside is just a small piece of paper and confetti. It is safe when used in the presence of toddlers and kids.  

Whether you are celebrating your partner’s birthday or your friend’s, the burst of multi-colored confetti adds elements of fun and thrill. It further enhances the enjoyment of your birthday celebration.  

8. Vintage Lanterns 

While engrossed in thinking about the birthday decor items, we often miss out on decorating the entrance.

Remember, to make the person feel important on the special day right from the entrance. Thus, to lighten up the doorway, use vintage lanterns.  

Adding a vintage lantern on the doorway will give an aesthetic look to the decor. These decor pieces will provide a soft glow and a bit of extra decor.  

Furthermore, use them to light teh path for the visitors to enter the place and illuminate other decorative pieces in the room. These will add a gorgeous party glow on the big day.  

9. Partyware  

Before you can kickstart your occasion, make sure that the birthday decor materials and all the supplies are with you.  

No matter what your party menu is, you will surely be in need of certain basic partyware for the guests. Some of the partywares that are essential on that day are:


Paper plates.




Cutlery like forks and spoons.  



Furthermore, add some paper boxes for corn and cakes to make them eye-catching with different themes and patterns. This will surely make the users enjoy their meals.  

In between planning the partyware essentials, you might miss out on some of the other important things required on that day. Ensure you have arranged extra tables and chairs, serving bowls, cutting knives, a lighter, and an ice bucket.  

10. Paper Hats For Backdrop  

If you have some leftover paper hats from last year’s celebration, do not buy one to decorate your home.  

These are super affordable and give your room colorful surroundings if you plan to celebrate your child’s birthday.  

On the other hand, you can create a string of hats on the wall to create a backdrop where you will cut the cake.  

Even the host of the birthday can wear a birthday hat. Although it is a paper accessory, it creates a fun experience for the guest, specifically for the birthday person  

11. Decoration Sticks 

You can use alphabet or cartoon-based paper decoration sticks to make the party more elegant. It can also be an image of the person who is planning to celebrate the birthday.  

Furthermore, you can paste some meaningful quotes or messages relating to the person or your guest.  

Therefore, the accessory appears in different hilarious expressions, making the party more fun and exciting. Hence, using these decorative sticks at a birthday party at a meager cost is interesting.  

12. Frilly Curtains  

If you are confused about selecting the right backdrop for the birthday party, you can simply opt for a frilly curtain.  

These are readily available in sequin panels but have a shimmer in appearance. Similarly, this decor item can easily be pasted and removed without creating a hassle for you to clean.  

Furthermore, these frilly curtains come in different colors, for instance, gold, silver back, green, blue, and rose gold. So select the one that goes well with them.  

After placing the backdrop, you can elevate the look with some seasonal blooms that perfectly complement the curtain.  

If you wish to keep the stems, then place them in a vase or remove the stem and create a bouquet. It will further complete the entire setting and give an elegant look.  

13. Dessert Table  

Every small minute detail of a decoration adds a tinge to the occasion.  

With a floral dessert table, you can do anything you want. Make sure that you decorate the flowers around your favorite macarons, cakes, cookies, and candy.  

Therefore, to make the table stand out, you can tinsel around the serving platter and bring over the flowers and candles around it. This decor idea will further help you save time and keep you out of the hassle of thinking about how to decorate for a birthday party at home.  

14. Photo Booth  

You make the space more inviting for the guest; you can make a picture-perfect activity without any professional light or camera.  

If you are on a tight budget, then create a DIY dessert table with flowers. Moreover, if you spend little time decorating the entire house, then just place decorations on the dessert table.

All you need is to:

Designate an empty wall for the photo booth.

Align the booth with the theme.

Style the backdrop.

Keep some dressing and props.

Set up the right lighting.

Set up your camera or phone on a tripod.

Toss in a few pops.  

It will make the party engaging, and your guests can also make memories, post them on social media, and take pictures home.  

Moreover, you can decorate the space with lights, garlands, streamers, flowers, greenery, and balloons. It will assist you in altering a plain wall into a photo area that will create all kinds of party fun.  

Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Birthday Party 

Below-mentioned are a few things that will help you while planning a birthday party.

Firstly, where are you planning to celebrate the birthday party? It can be either indoor or outdoor. If it is an outdoor party, then book a venue. Or if it is a house party, then choose either your backyard, terrace, poolside, or living area.  

Secondly, count the count of attendees.

Thirdly, when it comes to selecting the menu, there are venues that arrange the meals. However, check for the menu and drinks beforehand.  

Lastly, select a theme for the party. Once the theme is decided, it will be easy for you to plan the birthday decor items.  

To Wrap Things Up 

Whenever you think of celebrating your friend’s or family member’s birthday party, remember to select the best birthday decoration items.  

Thus, you can also think of creative birthday themes that will align appropriately with the decor items listed in the above section.  

All you need is to combine these instructions with the ultimate party planning checklist and plan your next surprise party like a pro.