Change Your Look by Stretching Your Ears

Stretching ears, commonly known as ear gauging, is the process that entails slowly enlarging your pierced holes. The procedure involves certain procedures and equipment that can enlarge the diameter of your ear to the size of a bottle cap. The stretching of the ear requires both work and time. You must do this task correctly to avoid infecting your ears and causing irreversible harm or scarring. Considering as a growing number of individuals are expressing regret about having their ears stretched and looking for ways to undo the procedure, it is important to think carefully before getting it done.

This guide will talk about the proper way to extend your ears, different types of tapers, the equipment needed, and how to prevent any difficulties or side effects.

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Essentials needed for the Ear-Stretching Procedure

You’ll need the following items to begin the ear stretching process:


Stretching out your ears begins with inserting these long, pointy objects, known as tapers, into your piercing. You may choose from a range of sizes (or gauges) to accommodate the level to which you want to enlarge your hole. There are many types of tapers. These include acrylic, steel, and concave steel tapers. It is important to note that the healing process may be slowed by using inexpensive tapers and earplugs, both of which can irritate and delay the ear’s recovery. 


Ear plugs are circular jewelry inserted into the pierced holes to dilate the ear. They are made using various materials, including titanium, steel, and silicone, each of which brings its own set of advantages to the table. 

You also have the option to choose from non-artificial materials, such as finished wood, stone, glass, or any other natural material of your choice. To facilitate their insertion, the sides of many plugs are flared. Keep a supply on hand if you ever have difficulties plugging anything in.


It will be much simpler for the taper to go through the piercing if you use some form of non-hazardous lubrication.

There are a lot of jewelry stores that offer lubricant that is designed for commercial usage, but you may also use a lube that is derived from plants, such as coconut oil. It is best to avoid using any lubricants that include additives or chemicals since they may cause irritation to your piercing or even cause an infection.

Instructions for the ear stretching process 

Getting your ears pierced should be the first thing to do. However, you need to go to a trustworthy piercing business. Pick a piercer with a valid license to practice piercing in your state. If a piercer does not employ clean tools and procedures, there is a chance of getting infections like hepatitis and HIV.  After getting the piercing done, you need to let it heal for a few months to begin the ear stretching process. You can get the proper tools for enlarging piercings when you feel the wound has healed completely.

You next need to give your earlobe a little massage so the skin may become more pliable and warm. Try taking a hot shower or bath to boost the blood flow of the ear. Additionally, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for a minimum of twenty seconds and sanitize your piercing tools by wiping them down with denatured alcohol.

Once that’s done, lube the entire area of your taper and the pierced hole. The next step is to begin sliding the taper thing through the piercing, starting with the side of the taper that is narrower than the piercing. Do it slowly. If you start to feel pain, you’ve probably overdone it. In the last step, place your plug on the taper, which has a thicker side, so that it may be inserted into the stretched hole as soon as possible. After the taper has passed completely through the piercing, you may insert the plug.

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The place to buy from 

Now that you have sufficient knowledge of the ear-stretching technique and its equipment, we hope you have a safe experience during the process. However, it is important to get quality tapers from a reputable vendor. 

BodyMods Canada provides various shaped tapers. These include straight, curved, crescent, and spiral-shaped tapers. All these varieties are made with high-quality material that will not infect your ears and make the whole ear-stretching process less painful. They also offer lubricant for ear-stretching. Thus, we recommend giving BodyMods Canada a try, as they are also very highly rated by their customers.