What Is Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death? 

Have you heard the news about Cherry Valentine’s death? If yes, then you must be looking for Cherry Valentine cause of death. Right? Well, in this article we are also going to reveal the cause of death Cherry Valentine in detail. The death of Cherry was sudden and tragic. They haven’t serious health issues so, their death was no less than a shock to their family and fans. Cherry Valentine’s death news came out, and people eagerly wanted to know what happened to Cherry Valentine. Are you also one of them? Then you are in the right place, read this article till the end. Well, let’s have a look at Cherry Valentine cause of death. 

What Is Cherry Valentine Cause Of Death? 

Cherry Valentine cause of death is suicide by hanging. On 9th February, Thursday, the hearing was told that Valentine, whose real name was George Ward, was found hanged in their north London flat by their lifelong friend and flatmate, Kate, on 18th September last year, but her death was announced on 23rd September last year. 

It is said that Cherry took their own life while their flatmate was out at a concert. Following his return he found a clothes rack blocking the door to Cherry’s room and a note that read, “Kate, please read this and do not go in,” the inquest heard. 

After breaking the door Kate phoned emergency services, who were unable to revive Cherry. Three A4 pages of suicide notes were found in Cherry’s room, one addressed to Kate, and two others to their family and unspecified people. 

Following the death of Ward, tributes poured in from across the drag world and beyond, with Cherry Valentine’s loved ones have launched a fundraiser to hold a public vigil in honor of their lasting legacy. 

Well, now you know George Ward Cherry Valentine cause of death. Let’s know more about her. 

Who Was Cherry Valentine? 

Cherry Valentine whose real name was George Ward was an English drag queen and mental health nurse who featured in the second series of the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. George Ward was born on 30th November 1993 in Darlington but he grew up in an English Traveller community in Darlington, County Durham. They attended university, studying mental health nursing at the Univesity of Vumbria, and they were the first member of their family to do this. During thier university days, they were introduced to Machesster’s drag scene. 

Ward was raised in a very strict and conservative environment in which drag was not accepted. Hence, Ward came out to their parent by writing a letter before leaving home for a week, after which their parents individually took them for a drive and talked but did not discuss their sexual orientation after that incident. 

In 2016, Ward began performing as Cherry Valentine, which was Ward’s stage name, while still working in a children’s psychiatric intensive-care unit and with adults with Huntington’s disease. In 2022, Cherry was announced as one of the 12 contestants in the second series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. But, she failed to impress judges with her performance in the second episode’s Rusical. So she lost the ip-sync and was eliminated from the competition. 

Ward has been credited as the first contestant on the Drag Race franchise to address his Romani heritage. 

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Who Is The Oldest Drag Queen?

Darcelle XV was crowned the oldest drag queen by Guinness World Records in 2016. The Darcelle XV Showplace, which she owned, is “the West Coast’s longest-running drag show,” according to Guinness.

How Tall Is Cherry Valentine?

The Valentine Cherry will grow to be about 10 ft tall, and a spread of 6 ft. It grows at a medium rate. It is a self-pollinating variety.

How Many Drag Queens Have Died?

As of 2022, three previous contestants have died.

What Episode Did Cherry Valentine Go Home?

Cherry’s love and irresistibly infectious laugh touched the lives of so many. Our deepest condolences go out to her family and friends.” Valentine appeared in Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, and was eliminated in Episode 2.


By reading this article you got Drag Queen Cherry Valentine cause of death. Ward reflected on his 2022 documentaries Cherry Valentine: Gypsy Queen and is proud about being raised within the English Traveller community. And it was the first time he had returned to the traveler community since he left home at 18. According to some sources, Ward had reportedly been struggling to cope with fame. Their sleeping patterns were subsequently affected and they suffered from depression before their death. And unfortunately, they hanged themselves and died at the age of 28. Cherry Valentine cause of death is now known to you.   

Why did Cherry Valentine pass away

How did RuPaul’s Drag Race star Cherry Valentine die?