Declutter and Organize: The Key to an Organized Bathroom

Whether you have a small space or a spacious bathroom, it is easy for clutter to build up. Thankfully, there are many ways to declutter and organize your bathroom and keep it clean! Any organizing job should start with a decluttering phase. It is best to do this thoroughly so that you know what you are working with.

Get Organized

The first step is always decluttering, no matter what room you organize. It will give you a clear picture of what you must work with and help you avoid creating new piles of clutter. Professional organizers often urge homeowners to look at the items in every storage area – from bathroom drawers to cabinetry – and eliminate anything they no longer use. In the case of the bathroom, this includes expired or unused medications and products like hair elastics and makeup brushes. Another critical aspect of decluttering is deciding how to organize your items. For example, you could use labeled bins or baskets to categorize items by type. It keeps similar items together and makes finding what you need daily easy. It can also help you keep your space looking clean and tidy. Try using light wood bathroom cabinets that complement your aesthetics to ensure everything looks neat.

Start with a Clean Room

Whether your bathroom is a spa-like retreat or a space to get ready for the day, it can quickly become a messy disaster if you must be careful. However, you can keep your bathroom clean and organized with simple storage and organization ideas. First, declutter by going through items and putting them in a “keep/toss/donate” pile. Next, take everything out of drawers and cabinet cabinets, assessing what you can fit back into each. Sort items into categories (like makeup/skincare, bath/body, or hair care), and then find a suitable storage solution for each category. Professional organizers suggest using a combination of plastic and clear storage containers. For example, you could store cotton balls and other small items in glass jars or use clear acrylic drawer dividers to organize more significant items. You can also go outside the box regarding storage options.

Labelling Containers

A bathroom organizer can help keep items neatly put away so they are easy to find and clean. It also makes it less likely that things will get thrown back into a dirty drawer or on the counter where they can’t be easily accessed. Start by decluttering and sorting everything that you plan to keep. Check every storage spot, including makeup bags and drawers, grooming tools, lotions, tissues, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, first aid items, and towels. Once you’ve determined what to keep, look for a solution for your space and habits. Drawers offering compartments for toiletries, caddies for organizing and storing bath essentials, and stackable storage products in tight spaces are all great options for keeping your bathroom organized. Labeling containers is a trendy way to make it easier for you and your family members to identify what’s stored where. It will save you time when getting ready in the morning and reduce frustration when finding that elusive item under the sink.

Keep It Clean

The bathroom is a small room that can quickly get out of control. Keeping up with regular cleaning and decluttering is essential to ensure your space stays fresh and functional.

Once your space is clean, it’s easy to maintain a tidy look with the right organizing tools. For example, invest in streamlined storage containers and baskets that fit your space. Use them to house categories you created during decluttering, such as hair items, makeup, medicines, towels, and toiletries. Take the time to inspect each drawer, cabinet, and over-the-toilet storage area to sort out what needs to go back in. Be ruthless about removing items you no longer need or are out of date. You can donate unused medications to charity or put them in the trash, and you can give away or sell unused beauty products and accessories. It will also help to free up space for new items as you find them.