Elevate Your Style Quotient with Elegance Net Sarees

What about sarees makes them so popular? Well, Indian sarees are unmatched in their perfect combination of tradition and beauty. Their elegance has the power to beautify anyone, and they truly bring out the grace in a woman. Being so alluring, the sarees help to give an individual identity to any woman who wears it. This is what makes the traditional attire of sarees so timeless. Be it young girls or mature women, tradition-loving women or contemporary women, any woman can find their identity, and their love, in sarees. They are just that amazing, with so many different types, colors, and designs available.

And one of the most elegant and modern versions of sarees is the net saree. If you have ever had doubts about sarees not being sensual and elegant, you can throw them all out once you realize the sheer beauty of net sarees. Being ever so slightly transparent, net sarees have a magical and whimsical feel to them. So, anyone can wear net sarees and feel utterly gorgeous in them. If you are wary about wearing sarees, then the net saree is the perfect place to start!

About Net Sarees

Unlike usual sarees, like cotton or silk, net sarees are made out of see-through material to give a magical effect to the wearer. Although, net is not originally an Indian fabric. It was actually brought to India by traders. In net fabric, the yarns are weaved in a sort of intersection pattern to create small holes in the fabric. This is what gives the net sarees their characteristic see-through feature. And this is what makes the net sarees so great. They have the modern appeal as well as the traditional allure. Could there be any better way to mix the modern design of net fabric with the traditional garb of sarees?  

Designs of Net Sarees

Net sarees are renowned for their delicate appeal and ethereal beauty. These sarees are made of sheer net fabric, which gives the overall design a hint of elegance and sensuality. Because of their distinctive patterns and adaptability, net sarees are very popular. 

Embroidered net sarees are a common style of net saree. These sarees have elaborate needlework on the net fabric that results in lovely designs and patterns. To improve the saree’s aesthetic appeal, embroidery may take the form of floral patterns, exquisite threadwork, sequins, or beads. The net fabric gains texture and depth from the embroidery, making it an alluring option for formal occasions and special occasions. We will talk about embroidery on net sarees more below. 

The embroidered net saree is another popular design of net saree. These sarees are embellished with a variety of materials, including zari work, crystals, stones, and sequins. The net fabric has embellishments strategically positioned on it to provide a shimmering look that catches the light and gives the outfit more glitz. Because of their glam and shine, the embellished net sarees are the best outfits for weddings, festivals, and parties. 

In addition to embroidery and embellishments, net sarees also come in a range of other designs such as printed net sarees, ombre net sarees, and lace net sarees. Lace adds such a delicate appeal to net sarees, while ombre net sarees use colors uniquely to create a magical effect. Each design offers a distinct look and feel, catering to different style and fashion preferences.

Embroidery On Net Sarees

The fine net fabric is used as a canvas for the elaborate embroidered work, which consists of exquisite threadwork, complex motifs, and decorations. Net saree embroidery includes floral patterns, complex patterns, elegant borders. A lovely interplay of texture and visual appeal is produced by the contrast between the finely detailed embroidery and the sheer net. The embroidery on net sarees improves their beauty and makes them a captivating option for special occasions and formal events, whether it’s delicate thread embroidery, shimmering sequins, or sparkling beadwork.

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How To Take Care of Net Sarees: Tips and Tricks

Taking care of net sarees requires special attention due to their delicate nature. So, to ensure your net sarees remain beautiful and lovely for a long time, here are some tips and tricks to keep your net sarees in pristine condition. 

  • First, store them separately in a cool, dry place to avoid snagging. 
  • Avoid hanging them, as net fabric can stretch. 
  • When washing, opt for gentle hand washing using mild detergent or dry cleaning. 
  • Avoid twisting or wringing the saree and let it air dry. 
  • Iron on a low heat setting or use a cloth as a protective barrier. 
  • Handle with care to prevent tears or snags, and avoid contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces.

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