Engineering Major In New Zealand

In daily production and life, every more convenient and beautiful change is always inseparable from the support of engineering majors. Engineering majors are dedicated to solving practical problems through creative thinking, and the professional talents they cultivate are welcomed by various industries in the international talent market.

So, what exactly is an engineering major, what are the advantages of New Zealand’s engineering majors, and what subdivided research fields and professional programs do New Zealand universities have in terms of engineering majors? Let’s explore together!

1 What is an engineering major?

Engineering majors are interdisciplinary disciplines that integrate mathematics, science and business principles, teaching students to discover problems, communicate effectively, design and experiment, so as to continuously innovate products and solve problems. Engineering majors mainly involve courses in biotechnology, object imaging, structural mechanics, environmental engineering, computer engineering, information science, and nanotechnology.

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2 Why study engineering in New Zealand?

With the development of society, senior talents in engineering fields have become high-demand talents in New Zealand and even more countries around the world. The engineering majors of many universities in New Zealand rank high in the world, and the teaching quality is excellent. The school trains and sends many engineering professionals to the society every year, so it has attracted extensive attention from international students.

For students majoring in engineering in New Zealand, New Zealand’s practice-oriented teaching style helps to cultivate students’ independent and rigorous research attitude and creative thinking, and the common small-class teaching mode enables students to obtain what they need for engineering careers in their studies. practical experience.

In addition, a small number of high-skilled jobs have been included in Immigration New Zealand’s latest The Green List, which have been identified as having high global demand and continuing shortages in New Zealand. Among them, occupations related to engineering majors occupy most of the positions. It can be seen that the quality of engineering in New Zealand has always been praised by people. There is a large demand for engineering professionals in New Zealand, with high salaries and broad employment prospects.

3 Engineering majors in New Zealand universities

What engineering study options are available at universities in New Zealand? Here are some courses for your reference. For more courses, you can check via Course Finder.

The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland, known as New Zealand’s “national treasure” university, enjoys a high international reputation. In the 2022QS World University Engineering and Technology Ranking, the University of Auckland ranks 96th in the world, with extremely high professional recognition and influence.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The electrical and electronic engineering major offered by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland ranks 110th in the world in the 2022QS World University Rankings of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It involves communication and control technology, development and utilization of power systems, design and implementation of computer complex signal processing, robot design, application design of modern instrumentation, etc. Most of the teachers are research leaders in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. The scope covers green renewable energy and wireless power transmission, etc., and has strong social applicability.

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Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

With the development of the global health care industry, the employment prospects of biomedical engineers are bright. The biomedical engineering major at the University of Auckland integrates the theoretical methods of engineering, biology and medicine, studies the state of human body systems at multiple levels, and uses engineering technology to provide services for disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The biomedical engineering major at the University of Auckland has been certified by Engineering NZ and is highly recognized by the international market. During the study period, you can often get in touch with senior experts in this field and use the latest engineering equipment.

Mechatronics Engineering

The Mechatronics Engineering major integrates mechanical, electronic, computer and software engineering disciplines, and its interdisciplinary teaching approach means that students will have the opportunity to become diverse and multi-skilled generalists. This major at the University of Auckland focuses on the design, control and programming of smart devices, robots and smart systems. It has introduced well-known experts in this field and established industry-leading laboratories, such as Advanced Composite Materials Center and Laboratory Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing System, etc., have created a good theoretical and practical learning scene for students.

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury, with the earliest engineering school in New Zealand, ranks 242nd in the world in the 2022QS World University Engineering and Technology Comprehensive Ranking, and its civil and natural resource engineering is ranked in the top 100 in the world. As the only school in New Zealand that has joined the Global E3, the University of Canterbury provides more overseas exchange opportunities for engineering students.

Bachelor of Science in Financial Engineering (BSc)

Financial Engineering is an interdisciplinary program that combines financial economic theory with the design and development tools required for financial products, portfolios, markets and regulations. At the University of Canterbury, the first year of the Bachelor of Science in Financial Engineering provides foundational knowledge covering key disciplines such as finance and economics, mathematics and statistics, computer science and software engineering, while the second two years will further integrate industry practice to lead students Study core courses, choose subdivision majors in financial engineering, and prepare for entering the applied field after graduation.

Natural Resource Engineering

The Natural Resource Engineering program is dedicated to maintaining and improving natural resources such as soil, water and the atmosphere through research into renewable energy, regenerative agriculture and carbon positive cities. This major at the University of Canterbury has long worked with communities, including Mana Whenua (Maori Indigenous Title Organization), to solve the problems faced by the community on land housing, climate warming, food production and the protection and protection of natural resources by proposing creative solutions. Management and other issues have strong practical significance and attributes during school.

The University of Waikato

Known as the “Harvard in the Southern Hemisphere”, the University of Waikato’s School of Engineering has been working closely with many top companies and senior industry professionals in the industry all year round. The strong cooperative relationship has brought many research projects and applied topics to engineering students. Let students focus on the transformation of theoretical knowledge and apply it to the solution of practical problems earlier.

Civil Engineering

The civil engineering major at the University of Waikato is equipped with a professional computer laboratory and a large mechanical workshop complex for students. In addition, every academic year will arrange engineering development courses dedicated to improving creativity and design capabilities, so that students often have the opportunity Participate in the creation, design and realization of complex engineered products. As an engineering student at university, you can establish connections with the industry earlier and accumulate more than 800 hours of work experience in companies in the industry you are interested in, and these jobs are usually paid.

Massey University is the largest comprehensive research university in New Zealand. It is excellent in engineering, aviation and other academic research. Its Bachelor of Engineering has been certified by the Washington Accord and the IPENZ, and has good social development prospects. .

University of Otago

The University of Otago is the first university in New Zealand. Its city, Dunedin, faces the vast waters of the South Pacific Ocean. It is rich in wildlife, marine and geological resources. Therefore, students use their natural advantages to conduct scientific research, and these are also It is an important part of disciplines such as ecology, geology, and marine science and engineering.

Marine Science and Engineering

The marine science and engineering of the University of Otago is a discipline that is extremely practical. In addition to participating in regular classroom lectures and laboratory simulations, students also have many opportunities for field trips at sea. The school is located in the Otago Peninsula, Stuart Marine habitat field research stations have been opened in places such as Dolphin Island and Doubtful Sound, and a research fleet including expedition ships has been specially set up to better help marine science and engineering students carry out research and investigation work.

Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology’s engineering class provides a variety of professional direction options. As an engineering student, you can use opportunities equipped with high-precision rapid prototyping equipment, advanced SEM (scanning electron microscope) and large-scale production workshops. After graduation The degree obtained is internationally recognized.

Architectural Engineering

Auckland University of Technology’s architectural engineering major has strong teachers and first-class teaching equipment. The courses are closely related to the current situation of the architectural engineering industry, focusing on the actual needs of production and life, and systematically carry out teaching from the perspectives of technical dimensisons and commercial reality. This major at Auckland University of Technology is accredited by the IPENZ, and students can obtain the qualifications of engineers after graduation. In addition, Auckland University of Technology has close cooperation with many well-known local engineering companies, which can help students gain more valuable industry experience.

Maritime Engineering

Auckland University of Technology is the only university in New Zealand that offers a degree in maritime engineering. This degree is recognized by the New Zealand Engineering Association and the Washington Accord. Through the professional project cooperation with the Australian Maritime College (AMC), students can obtain a degree in New Zealand and Tasmania, Australia.