Essential Supplies Every Trucker Should Have On-Hand


Truck sleeper berths have turned into homes away from home for many truck drivers, and drivers can also store essentials in them.

Since 2000, manufacturers have incorporated sleepers into over half of trucks and semi-truck sleeper berths. Like RVs, the spaces have evolved and become more efficient.

For example, drivers can fit a bed or bunk beds into the sleepers. Then, it’s possible to add shelving.

Sometimes, drivers don’t come across truck-friendly business hotels during trips. Therefore, drivers must sleep in their trucks at truck stops, authorized parking lots, or freeway entrances.

Truckers must pack essential supplies for all trips, even short ones that only last a day. 

The essentials fall into a few categories, including:

  • Safety
  • Work-related
  • Comfort

For example, drivers must pack work gloves that protect their hands during loading and unloading cargo.

Every driver also benefits from keeping flashlights nearby.

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What Are Essential Supplies Every Trucker Needs?

Every trucker needs essential supplies that keep drivers safe, compliant, and comfortable. 

For example, it’s always handy to keep a flashlight nearby. Truck drivers should also have their driving credentials within if the authorities at weighing stations or on the road need to see them.

In addition, truckers should always keep snacks nearby since all fast food restaurants and drive-thrus can’t accommodate the truck equipment’s size.

We outline essential supplies every truck should have on hand.

Essentials Supplies for Truck Driver Safety

Drivers must pack before every time, even if it only lasts a few hours.

Essential safety supplies for truckers include the following:

  • Smartphone
  • Smartphone charger and accessories
  • Road cones and flares
  • Flashlight
  • High-visibility jacket
  • First aid kit
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • GPS app
  • Tool kit

Most individuals do not leave home without their phones. For business travelers, smartphones double as electronic productivity tools.

For truckers, smartphones help them remain reachable. 

Since trucks are significant feats of engineering, they can also break down more frequently. Truckers must warn others if they plan to stop and remain there for an hour and more by placing cones and flares around the vehicle; it helps prevent collisions. 

Plus, don’t forget to wear a high-visibility jacket while placing the cones on the road.

Flashlights help drivers see better, even during the daytime, and a first aid kit helps mend cuts and scratches.

Truck drivers also benefit from learning about their equipment. Some assignments require drivers to transport loads that weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Therefore, ensuring the tires can handle it before leaving is wise.

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Work-Related Essential Supplies for Truck Drivers

Truckers should also carry their work-related essentials with them at all times. The list of work-related essential supplies includes:

  • License
  • Insurance proof
  • Company contact information
  • Vehicle registration
  • Permits and certifications
  • Driving logs

The latest federal laws for the trucking industry aim to keep drivers safe. The regulations state that drivers must take a break for every specific number of hours they drive per trip or day.

Therefore, truckers must keep meticulous logs and have them ready for authorities to inspect.

In addition, keep the credentials nearby for easy verification by authorities, including weighing stations and delivery destinations. 

Remember to pack work gloves; sometimes, it becomes necessary to help load and offload cargo.

Essential Supplies for Truck Driver Comfort

Finally, pack the essentials that provide truck driver comfort for short- and long-term assignments.

This list will vary from driver to driver. However, some items are standard, such as toilet paper.

Some essential supplies for truck driver comfort include:

  • Shower flip flops
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper
  • Change of clothes
  • Entertainment
  • Snacks

Truck stops cater to truck drivers and their equipment. The stops provide facilities where drivers can shower, groom, and eat a hot meal. 

Sometimes, truck stops are the most convenient options for overnight accommodations. Since several industry members share the facilities, pack items such as shower flip-flops, towels, and toiletries. 

Then, pack enough clothing for the trip and an extra change of clothes, just in case. 

Stay focused on the road by packing entertainment, such as music, podcasts, and favorite television shows, that keeps drivers awake and alert.

Next, pack other essentials that provide comfort, such as family pictures, a throw blanket, and extra pair of shoes.


Many professionals enjoy the lifestyle that the trucking industry provides. Pack the essentials that cover safety, work-related needs, and comfort to make trips more enjoyable.