Get out this Summer with an E-Bike

There’s a new way of exploring the world this summer. An electric bicycle is a great way to take in some sunshine and scenery. The assisted pedaling means you can travel much further than you would be able to on a more traditional, solely human-powered cycle. You can read about the many benefits e-bikes bring here.

There are plenty of things you can do on an e-bike with family and friends or go solo, if that’s more your vibe. Read on for our top picks on things to do this summer on your e-bike.

Go Camping

Take your e-bike on your camping trip. The longer distances you can cycle means you can bike to a camp site. E-bikes are as easy to mount onto your car as regular bikes so you can also take them on your vehicle to explore the area around your campsite once you get there. 

Take it To a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are a great place to show off your green credentials. Take your e-bike to a farmer’s market on a weekend to check out local produce and handmade arts and crafts. Stock up your pantry with your favourite greens for a summer salad by loading up your e-bike’s saddle bags or basket. 

Music in the Park

Summer is full of great outdoor music festivals and concerts. Beat the parking woes associated with them with an e-bike. You’ll manage to avoid all the traffic coming and going out too so your day out is truly enjoyable.

Bike Rides with The Family

Take your family out on a bike trip to explore parks around you. You can also get rear seats for toddlers or trailers for slightly older kids to go with your e-bike. No summer bike ride with kids is complete without a picnic in the glorious outdoors. Use your saddle bags to pack in their favourite foods. It’s also a great way to get the kids tuckered out so you can enjoy some peaceful adults only time in the evening.

No kids? Plan a romantic picnic in a park with your significant other. 

Travel to Work

Use your e-bike to commute to work and make the most of the summer sun. The electric elements mean that you won’t work up as much of a sweat while getting there or use it to help you get home after a long, tiring day.

Things to Remember:

When you’re heading out on your e-bike, it’s important to take a few precautions so you can really enjoy your time outdoors. 

  • Always wear sunscreen.
  • Comfortable clothing can help beat the heat.
  • Check the conditions of the road as the snow and ice may have damaged cycling trails over winter, and they may not have been repaired yet.
  • Don’t park your e-bike in the sun. 
  • Opt for rides in the mornings and evenings when it’s slightly cooler to avoid overheating.
  • Remember to stay hydrated during your ride. Electrolyte drinks are great for long rides.

Green Light Cycle

Whether you’re planning on getting an e-bike for environmental reasons, to live a healthier lifestyle or to save money on commuting, you want an e-bike from a company you can trust. The founder of Green Light Cycle Ltd.™ tested his first prototype on the roads himself every day for a whole year fine-tuning the product until it was something he could be proud of. 

Green Light Cycle’s e-bikes are made in Canada with the highest quality parts and materials. You can also enhance your e-bike with fenders, racks, and a phone holder and take your riding to the next level. Since we make our own bikes, we also stock all the parts you need for the bike and can service it in-house when you need us to. 

Check out the online store to order your e-bike and accessories, we have all the gear you need.  Also, feel free to reach out and ask any e-bike-related questions you may have.