How Do Professional Movers Move a Hot Tub?

Moving a hot tub can be a daunting task for those who don’t have the right tools and knowledge. It requires careful planning, special equipment, and trained professionals to complete the job safely and efficiently. Local movers follow several steps to move a hot tub so that your hot tub can make it safely to its new home.


The movers will unplug the power cord from the outlet before beginning any work on the hot tub. Then, they remove the cover or any other items attached to the hot tub. Depending on your model, they may remove attachments connected to the motor, like filters and heaters. 

Once they have removed these items, they begin draining the hot tub. They locate the drain plug, carefully unscrew it, and allow the water to drain out completely. 

They then fill the hot tub with a few gallons of fresh water. This helps flush out debris and prevent the pump from drying out during transport. Once they fill the hot tub with a few gallons of water, they carefully unscrew the drain plug again and let it drain out. After draining out the water, the movers dry off any remaining moisture inside and outside the hot tub.

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Hot tubs are often too large and fragile to move without first disassembling them. The process of disassembling a hot tub is best done by two people. This helps keep the movers safe and prevent any damage to the tub itself. They carefully remove hoses and other plumbing components and unplug all electrical cords. After removing all external parts, they take apart the hot tub. 

The movers unscrew and carefully lift the panels off the hot tub. They lift the panels out at an angle so as not to damage them or the tub. Once the panels have been removed, the movers unscrew and remove the tub’s sides. 

Loading & Transporting

Before loading, the movers secure the hot tub to a pallet with straps or shrink wrap. This will keep the hot tub in place while in transit.

Once the hot tub is secured, the movers will use a hand truck or heavy-duty moving dolly to load it onto the transport vehicle. They make sure the transport vehicle has plenty of room for the hot tub and is not overloaded.

And when it comes to small moves cross country, there are a few options for loading and transporting your belongings.

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Unloading & Installing

Upon arrival, the movers will carefully unload the hot tub using straps and a heavy-duty trolley. The trolley makes sure that no hot tub part is damaged when moving from the truck to the new location.

The movers will then need to assess the new location to install the hot tub properly. To do this, they will inspect the area to make sure it is level and can support the weight of the hot tub. They may need to make adjustments if there are any irregularities in the surface or other factors that could cause instability.

If the ground is uneven, the movers will need to find another place to install the hot tub. The ground should be flat so that the hot tub sits securely and remains level. Porous surfaces, such as wood, require an additional base layer before the hot tub can be safely installed.

After making sure everything is set up correctly, the movers can begin to install the hot tub. They start by connecting all of the hoses and pipes necessary for the hot tub’s operation. After that, they tighten nuts and bolts and double-check all connections.

Once the movers have completed all the necessary steps, they can begin filling up the hot tub with water, checking for leaks, and testing the pH levels. If everything is running smoothly, then the installation process is complete. The professional movers may provide you with a thorough review of the process and answer any questions about operating your newly installed hot tub.

Hire Local Movers To Move Your Hot Tub

Moving a hot tub requires special attention and preparation; if done correctly by experienced professionals, it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. By hiring professional local movers, you can keep your hot tub in good condition. Movers who specialize in transporting outdoor equipment can answer your questions and help you move your hot tub to the new location.