How NFT Has To Be Sent To Someone Else? Step By Step KuCoin Guide


It’s crucial to understand how to move an NFT to another wallet, whether you’re an NFT developer, user, or collector. After transferring a few of my NFTs across different wallets, I’ve compiled the precise steps you must follow to get the same result.NFT Token that can be traded on the.KuCoin offers a thorough mining system with a wealth of knowledge regarding cloud mining pool operations and cutting-edge mining methods.You can find detailed instructions for sending NFTs across wallets like MetaMask, Spectre, and Ledger below.Beside above mention steps an authentic and reliable platform like KuCoin is necessary to join.

Discover How To Transfer An NFT properly

Setting up MetaMask

First, you will need a useful programme called MetaMask regardless of whether you’re transmitting or receiving an NFT. For those of you who are unfamiliar, MetaMask is the most popular non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet in the world, including over 10 thousand active users per month.

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Sending An NFT: How Else to (Step By Step)

Step 1, Open the MetaMask smartphone app

you must install the app if you wish to transmit an NFT using MetaMask. The chrome extensions do not currently enable NFT transfers.

Step 2, select the NFTs tab.

To get a list of all your NFTs, tap the “NFTs” tab. Choose the one you want to transfer, then move on to the following action.

Step 3: Enter the recipient’s address.

You will be asked for the user’s address, which they should have already given you. An Ethereum address’s 42 hexadecimal characters may appear complicated for those unaware.

Step 4 –Pay the gas (transfer) cost.

In this step, you must choose between slow, average and faster. You choose the quickest option. Eventually, it will charge higher fees.

Step 5- Verify the payment

When you complete all the previous steps, you come to a final step that verifies your transaction through the blockchain. The best way you can do that is to go to the website Etherscan. What do you do? First, you enter the id on this website on the bar and click on the option view on Etherscan. Then you can see the direct status of the transfer on MetaMask directly. Your transaction is complete when you see the word successful.

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How to Safeguard Your NFT During Transfer

Here are some recommendations for maintaining your wallet and NFT secure when sending money to others.

  •     Utilize a Trezor or Ledger for cold storage
  •     Always double-check the sender of the NFT
  •     Verify the address once more while sending and receiving
  •     Watch out for scammers
  •     Verify the currencies whenever you give or receive money (ETH in this case)
  •   Never share your MetaMask username and password or seeding phrase with anybody.

Adding an NFT to a Phantom Wallet: How to Do It

Solana is another well-liked NFT blockchain, and the phantom wallet is the most commonly used Solana wallet. We should therefore discuss how to move an NFT to a phantom wallet. The following steps can be transmit a Solana NFT to a phantom wallet.

Access “NFT Collectibles” in your phantom wallet by clicking there.

Choose the NFT that you wish to transmit.

Enter the recipient’s phantom wallet’s public wallet address, then confirm the transfer.

Select “Send” to confirm the transaction, then pay the networking fee.

algo usdt  is one of  the world’s largest decentralized cryptocurrency by volume.There are many currencies including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Classify cloud mining

Cloud mining is a distant mining strategy that enables the majority of users to engage in mining and collectively maintain the safety of the primary network thanks to its low costs, simplicity of operation, and steady access to high-quality assets.


Remember only to send your token to their giving address once you receive the payment; also, keep your wits in your mind and towards yourself when you directly deal with the seller. KuCoin Exchange is decentralized. After the token sale, the MAYC  issued on KuCoin will be available on spot markets with top-tier liquidity in various trading pairs NFT marketplaces are the best to stick to as they were offered a consumer an extra base of protection and safety, but if you want to go alone, keep these tricks in your mind along with safety tips