How To Deal With Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents are uncertain and can happen for various reasons. In extreme cases, accidents result in death due to the employer’s negligence. Employers should offer a safe working environment, provide protective gear and implement safety provisions, failure to which they breach their duties. You must fight for your rights if you suffer from a construction site accident, and if you’re wondering how to attain this, keep reading.

Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer

Securing a workers’ compensation benefits claim can be difficult. Although the accident may arise from workplace, third-party, or employer negligence, the involved party may attempt to disparage your claim at all costs since they know the charges awaiting them. Therefore, you must hire a construction accident attorney to streamline your legal needs. While hiring, don’t compromise on the attorney’s qualifications, or you won’t get the supposed benefits.

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Identify Willing Witnesses

At the time of an accident, events occur so fast that you may forget what exactly happened in the case of severe injuries. After regaining your consciousness, for instance, identify witnesses eager to explain how the accident occurred. It’s also beneficial to record a summary of the essential aspects of the accident.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

The most crucial step is to secure your precious health after sustaining construction site injuries by taking time before resuming work. However, most male victims ignore minor wounds, which pose a future threat and put your health at risk. Therefore, look for medical attention for assessment and treatment regardless of the extent of the injury. First aid and medical evaluations are mandatory because bruised skin could be an internal injury sign.

Secure All Medical Documentation

While getting medical care for the construction site injury, ensure the doctor records all treatment details. The medical receipts and reports must include the doctors’ names, dates, and all the prescribed medications for easy claim assessment. These documents serve as evidence while seeking due justice you need to recover. Also, it’ll help if you keep pictures other coworkers take of your injuries and the exact accident location.

File a Compensation Claim

If you sustain severe injuries from electrocution, falls, burns, and explosions at the construction site, you can only continue working after full recovery. In this case, you must file a reimbursement claim in the event of injuries leading to disabilities. Personal accident insurance further covers medical expenses, emergency evacuation, loss of wages, and permanent impairment. In case of death, the insurer pays the pre-agreed multiple of salary or the total insured amount to the family members.

Work Closely With Your Employer

After an abrupt accident, you must fill in the necessary paperwork to capture the accident details. The report outlines the injury type, date, time, where it occurred, and the victims. Be sure to obtain a copy to present to the insurance company for compensation. Then, your employer can report the incident to the relevant authorities, such as the police, for legitimacy.

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Gather Other Relevant Evidence

You must look for other proof supporting your claim besides medical evidence. For instance, you may have to review closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and the construction site camera’s footage captured during the mishap. These and other filmed videos provide the regulators and the attorneys with the information they need for legal rulings. You can also prove that your employer failed to meet the safety protocols at the workplace that led to your accident.

Often, fighting for workers’ rights after a construction accident is complex. However, regardless of the injury severity, your safety should come first before anything else, and that’s why you need to know what to do in case you find yourself in one. The above are a few tips to help you after a construction site accident.