How To Help a Friend Who’s Going Through a Hard Time

When you have a friend who is struggling in his or her life, it can be hard to know how to help. Sometimes simply just being there for them is enough, while other times the matter may be more serious. Here are some ways you can take part in helping your friend get through.

Show Up

First and foremost, simply letting your friend know you are there for him or her goes a long way in many situations. When people feel less alone, it can encourage them to work through their problems.

If you’ve committed to reaching out to someone, be sure to follow through. Actually showing up, even if it’s just to hang out and provide a welcome distraction, is an effective way to demonstrate to your friend that you truly care.

Find Professional Help

Of course, some situations are really serious and require more than just your supportive presence. When your friend’s struggles are the result of addiction, being the person who helps them connect with the right services can literally be a lifesaver.

Get the ball rolling by doing an online search for “drug addiction rehab Knoxville, TN” or in your friend’s vicinity. Read through the available resources and put a plan in place to get your friend the help that’s needed. The effort you make can help your friend achieve sustainable sobriety and come out the other side well and happy.

Provide Practical Assistance

If, instead, your friend is having a hard time due to other health issues, such as recovering from surgery or dealing with a permanent or temporary disability, offering a hand can be the best way to support him or her. Start by asking how you can help rather than trying to guess what is needed.

Whether it’s taking on laundry duty or picking kids up from school, sometimes the day-to-day errands are the hardest things for struggling people to manage. Offering your assistance may be just what your friend needs to feel better about his or her circumstances.

Follow Up

Whatever works for your friend’s situation, be sure to keep up with what you’re doing for as long as it’s needed. All too often, other people flock to help right after a problem or setback occurs and then quickly fade away. However, making a greater commitment and staying engaged is often what’s required to get your friend to a better place.

Checking in, following up, and otherwise showing that you are ready to support someone for the long haul makes all the difference in ensuring your friend feels cared for. Something as simple as remembering to make a daily phone call or text can mean the world to someone who is having a hard time.

Being there and taking the necessary actions when your friend is struggling isn’t always easy, yet caring people find it’s worth the commitment. Whether it’s getting him or her through a temporary challenge or a serious problem like addiction, your friend will be lucky to have someone like you for support.