How To Not Look Tacky When Trying To Be Stylish?

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to fashion, but certain outfits can make you look like you’re trying too hard. You might choose to dress in a formal or a casual, punk or fashionable way. In the world of ever-changing fashion, the secret is to develop your distinctive look. The one thing you should avoid doing is coming out as tacky, which can happen regardless of how expensive your outfit is. 

Often, it’s the tiny things that prevent you from being a fashionista. Given the variety of possibilities available, this can be challenging. It’s so simple to get lost with the deep cleavage, accessories, various shoes, and unusual fabric shapes and lengths! However, if you adhere to a few basic guidelines, you can easily become your most stylish self and avoid any more embarrassing moments where you feel that the spotlight is on you for the wrong reasons. 

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  • Sheer Clothing Without Anything Underneath: 

Although there are times when wearing sheer clothing is appropriate, it should never be worn alone. This is often the most polarizing fashion trend there is as it can draw unwanted attention to your body. Women often believe they are being fashionable when they wear a sheer dress out in public. More often than not, this move just appears like a desperate attempt to attract attention. The secret to dressing in see-through pants, according to approved stylists, is subtlety. You should prefer high-waisted briefs because they guarantee that your tummy and lower body are fully covered. Of course, a bralette or even a basic cami will work just as well if you’re not sure what to wear on top.

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  • Showing Too Much Skin: 

It’s acceptable to have a few rips in your jeans or a few holes in your shirt but fashion is not when you appear to be wearing cloth strips. It is best to limit the number of holes and keep them elegant. It’s not necessary to be almost naked to look seductive and attractive. Instead, it is imperative to understand what should be kept hidden and what should be kept covered.

It is preferable to pick one body area to display to everyone. You shouldn’t expose your legs if you choose to expose your top, and the opposite is true. You may wear the skin-baring trend in ways that feel more achievable, just like with cut-outs. A simple pair of denim, a leather jacket from Leatheriza Affinity, a blue bodysuit with cutaway elements, and some stacked bracelet jewellery is an outfit idea. A blue dress with one cutaway detail right in the centre of the waist and buttons up the top can be stylish for people who prefer monochromatic clothing. For a straightforward and understated look, you could simply wear a brown halter neck top with a tiny cutout and low-rise, wide-leg trousers.

  • Clothes That Aren’t Your Exact Size:

Loose and too-tight clothes are immediately off-putting as they make it seem that your clothes are borrowed or second-hand. It may appear unfinished and less professional when a sleeve hangs too long or a skirt bags around your waist than when your clothing is tailored to your precise measurements. Wearing clothing that fits you well instantly enhances your appearance and gives you a more refined image. 

Considering certain staples of the wardrobe, pants that are too short for their shoes look uncomfortably baggy and get soiled easily. If you choose long pants, make sure the bottoms are hemmed to either your flats or heels, depending on what you choose to wear. For instance, the shirt should be long enough so that it does not come untucked when bending or moving naturally. If you fold your hands behind your head, your shirt should still be tucked in. The shirt may be too short or the armholes may be too low if this is a problem. In contrast, armholes shouldn’t be too snug at the shoulder. 

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  • Too Many Clashing Prints:

If one wears too many prints at the same time, they can look very inelegant. While little, repeated designs all over your clothing are fine, they are not stylish. Only cover half of your body with little patterns if you’re wearing them. On the remaining parts, wear a solid colour. Instead, you can also seek huge designs in dresses. If not, only the printed pattern seared into their memory will be remembered instead of you. If done correctly, combining colours, patterns, and prints will make you seem great. There is a straightforward criterion for this: the two prints must utilise the same colour or design twice.

The best method to get a balanced appearance is to consistently combine large and small prints. There is always an animal-printed item for everyone, from structured coats and boxy jackets to textured dresses and pleated skirts. Choosing your prints and colours carefully will let you wear the leopard print trend without coming off as gaudy. As fashion firms and material designers have broadened the animal print collection, softer and more elegant prints are now available. 

  • Glittery, Shiny Or Flashy Clothing:

Between being sassy as hell and the walk of shame, there is a thin line. But if you style them well, you can pull off wearing sequins. A brown leather jacket for men will likely be required if you intend to wear sequins anytime soon. With snow, sleet, and everything in between, sequins can inspire you on a gloomy winter morning to get up and face the day.

It may be accomplished with a straightforward sequin top and your go-to jeans. It truly is no different from wearing any other shirt to layer on your winter outerwear and accessories. It’s easy to come off as tacky when wearing sequined pants, so choose a pair that doesn’t fit too closely to your thighs. For casual gatherings that take place during the day or early evening, the fewer sequins, the better. If necessary, you can do so by adding a cardigan over top or by wearing a tee underneath the dress and wrapping it around your waist.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your outfit looks immaculate and chic in all social settings. You can now be confident in your choices and tailor your wardrobe according to these simple rules that make every outfit elegant.