How to Stop Black Ants From Invading Your House

Ants can be your worst enemy. They can sneak into your food supply, destroy parts of your home, and can also carry and spread bacteria. With over 20 quadrillion ants in the world, it’s no surprise if a thousand black ants are roaming all over your home!

Although black ants are harmless, they can become pests when they start to ravage your place. Ants are also quite persistent and once they declare your home livable, they will remain there permanently and can be troublesome to remove.  

So how do you prevent and minimize a black ant infestation? Keep reading as we give you ways to stop black ants from invading your home. 

Clear Food Away 

All types of ants get drawn to sugary and fatty foods, so keep your house free of ant-tempting food. Use locked containers for syrups, baking ingredients, and leftovers.

Also, your pet food could attract ants. If ants invade your pet’s bowl, make a trench of water so the ants won’t reach the food bowl.  

Clear Out Sources of Water 

It’s typical for little black ants to forage for water in dry climates. Ants need available water sources to form a colony, and leaky taps are instigators for ant invasions. It’s necessary to wipe and dry any pools of water around your sink and to check any damp parts of your home regularly. 

If you need to know more about how to stop black ant infestation or preventative measures, consult with pest professionals. Check out this homepage to see which remedy works for your pest problem. 

Clean Every Surface Vigorously 

Make sure to wipe the floor and every surface free of crumbs after eating and food preparation. Also, clean around couch cushions, kitchen appliances, and rubbish bins.  

To further deter common household pests, wipe surfaces with half vinegar and half water solutions. This solution may prevent ants from returning since ants hate the smell of dried vinegar. 

Use Natural Ant Control Remedies 

If you prefer natural pest control, use a mixture of borax and peanut butter or sugar. Mix two teaspoons of borax with one teaspoon of sugar or peanut butter into a container with a cover. Punch holes in the cover and put them close to an ant trail.  

Here are other effective common ant deterrents: 

  • Commercial ant bait 
  • Commercial ant deterrent 
  • Boric acid 
  • Lemons 
  • White vinegar 
  • Essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, and citrus 
  • Chalk 
  • Pepper or chili powder 
  • Diatomaceous earth  

Diatomaceous earth is ideal for cleaning pools but harmful to children and pets if ingested. If you can’t locate the trail, spread it around the windowsills, the garbage bin, behind the fridge, or under the cupboards.  

Seal the Surface of Your House 

Since black ants are so tiny, they can easily find ways to enter your house. Follow any perceptible ant trails to discover their entry points.

This may include gaps or cracks in walls, power outlets, and loose window frames. Consider sealing them with glue, putty, or plaster. 

What to Do to Prevent a Black Ant Infestation 

Most types of ants like to live near people since they enjoy food as much as we do, which makes our homes a paradise. And once they get into your home, it will become difficult to completely eliminate them. 

So be sure to follow the tips above to avoid a black ant infestation. Always be sure to clean your home, never leave food in the open, and if all things fail, you can contact pest removal professionals. 

What should you do if you’re infested with another type of pest? Browse through the rest of our guides to learn more!

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