Is Nursing Home Abuse in Las Vegas Too Common?

Elders must get the same respect and care as anyone else deserves. However, our community, where most live in nursing homes, may not get that. Shockingly, approximately one in three nursing homes across the country has received citations for abuse.

If you suspect or are concerned that perhaps your loved one too may be suffering from the same abuse from the nursing home staff in Las Vegas, then contact an attorney today at Ace Law Group.

Why elders never know or communicate about their abuse?

It is a common misconception that seniors who experience abuse will readily identify or report such behavior, but numerous factors can prevent them from doing so. Some of the reasons why a senior may not report abuse or discuss the problem include:

  • Physical or cognitive declines stop them from communicating effectively
  • Fear of the abuser’s retaliation
  • Dependent on the same person who will be offering their basic needs
  • Fear of self-blame, shame, or getting the abuser in trouble
  • Not aware of reporting the abuse
  • No person to share information

The statistics

The statistics provided by the World Health Organization provide clear evidence that nursing home abuse is a significant and widespread issue nationwide. 

These statistics underscore the alarming prevalence of elder abuse, particularly in community and nursing home settings:

  • Approximately one in six individuals aged 60 and older has encountered some form of abuse within the last year while residing in a community setting.
  • Two out of three nursing home staff members acknowledge abusing a resident within the past year.
  • Nearly 90% of nursing home residents report neglect, affecting either them or another resident.
  • The staggering number of reported nursing home abuse cases surpasses two million annually.
  • With 13% of the U.S. population aged 65 and older, as per 2010 Census data, it highlights the vulnerability of a significant portion of the population to potential elder abuse.

The Las Vegas, personal injury attorneys can take the following actions immediately if you believe your elderly relative is a victim of nursing facility abuse.

  • Talk to your loved one.
  • Document evidence of abuse.
  • Report the abuse.

You need to consult a lawyer immediately. Ensure that your attorney has solid experience addressing cases of mistreatment in nursing homes. They can support you in gathering proof for your claim while simultaneously ensuring the safety of your loved one. Additionally, your nursing home attorney can assist in obtaining reimbursement for damages caused by injuries.

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