Kaweco- The Perfect Beginners Fountain Pen

It can be intimidating to get into fountain pens if your experience is restricted to ballpoints. Some strange individuals observe ink dry and dress in fishing vests when they meet up. It’s a weird world that has its dialect. However, Blesket Canada make this transition rather simple.

It’s rare to find adequate information on fountain pens, especially because few consider fountain pens their go-to type of pen. In such scenarios, you may choose to browse the internet in search of finding sufficient information. However, the internet is likely to share information that may not resonate with a beginner like yourself. That’s where we come in.

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Kaweco- The ideal place to start

If you’re a beginner looking for a guarantee through the best fountain pen, you can readily put all your faith in Kaweco. This pen is ideal and an absolute must-have in your pen collection. Moreover, it is affordable without its low price translating into its quality, which is undoubtedly, uncompromised.

Kaweco fountain pens are made of the ideal plastic resin, making them incredibly lightweight and convenient. In addition, these pens carry minimalistic branding items with their cap side engraved with “Kaweco Sport” in gold and the cap top adorned with a medallion in gold along with Kaweco’s logo.

These pens are available in a small-sized cardboard box. However, the best part about these pens lies in their functionality. They are compact, small, and perfect for carrying while you’re on the go. The cap’s design is such that the pen’s size remains short when the cap is off. However, adding the cap to the pen causes its height to extend by more than an inch. Therefore, stick the cap on top; the pen is incredibly comfortable and easy to use.

The form of the cap is yet another fantastic aspect of the style. The edges of the hat are not circular but octagonal. The pen won’t roll while the cover is on, thanks to the squared side shape of the cap. Unfortunately, nothing will prevent the Kaweco fountain pens from slipping off the desk since it does not feature a clip as usual. Eventhough a clip is not included in the pen, you can always buy one for a few dollars. The Kaweco clip is available in gold or chrome. I advise getting the gold clip to match the pen’s nib and logos.

Even though Kaweco does offer its line of toner cartridges, the Kaweco fountain pen has a style like that of a cartridge and accepts any normal universal toner cartridge. To pull ink further into the pen, you squeeze a compact Kaweco squeeze adapter, which is merely a bladder. Unfortunately, due to how little the pen is, the converter can only contain about as much ink as a toner cartridge, and there is no place for a much bigger converter. But if you needed to, I’m sure anyone could turn the pen into an ink drop.

The Kaweco fountain pen has a stainless steel nib that is gold in color. The nib writes wonderfully for a cheap steel nib, and you will thoroughly enjoy how it looks. Although not particularly moist, it is smooth and free of strong starts or skips.

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Kaweco fountain pens and their variety

The best part about Kaweco fountain pens is their sheer variety. These are available in all kinds of colors. However, they remain consistent in their functionality and quality of use. These pens are made and designed in Germany, and their ultimate distinction is that they have an octagonal design readily available in many of its series. The attention to detail and sophistication is clear in how these pens are designed and manufactured.

However, the usability of these pens isn’t restricted to their functionality. They also come in various simple details and fashionable colors, making them appear eye-catching and contemporary. Therefore, whether you’re a student or an employee at work, this pen will help you navigate those long hours of work without worry. You can rest assured that this pen will act as your ultimate partner in crime, never abandoning you in your time of need. Therefore, regarding reliability, the Kaweco fountain pens take the lead.

Factors to look for in the best fountain pen

As a beginner, there are some factors that you should ensure when you’re looking to buy a fountain pen. These include the following:

The nib

The portion of the pen which meets the paper and through which the ink is released is known as the nib. Most pens will have a stainless steel cap, whereas more expensive pens will have a gold cap. You may drastically alter the sensation of scribbling with a pen by switching out the nib. The length of the nib’s end is among the first choices you’ll need to make when purchasing a fountain pen. Lucky for you, Kaweco’s fountain pens have a stainless steel nib, making for the ideal pen for a beginner.


A converter converts a system for filling cartridges into a reusable one. The fundamental objective of converters and refilling systems, which come in various designs, is to store refillable reservoirs of the ink the pen utilizes to write. Some pens have converters built in, while others require ordering. Luckily, Kaweco also offers the opportunity to purchase a squeeze converter, which will last a long while.


Similar to how you’d fill a gel pen or ballpoint, a cartridge is just the ink tank you can remove from your pen and completely replace. The simplicity of cartridges is a benefit. Insert a new cartridge whenever your old one runs out of ink, then you’re set to go. Most of Kaweco’s fountain pens come with their cartridge, making it an even more comfortable and convenient experience.


Due to its small size and compact structure, the Kaweco fountain pen is a fantastic pocket pen. Additionally, due to its inexpensive price, it makes a perfect beginner pen as well. The pen can be altered by changing nibs, adding a converter, or adding a clip or not. The pen is nicely made and has a beautiful design, giving it a must-have edge for your collection of fountain pens.