OCEAN vs ROSE: What to Invest In?

Before trading one crypto coin for another, it’s vital to know how much you will get in return. For example, an EOS to WAX converter helps if you are swapping these two currencies. But apart from knowing the current rates, you should also learn more about the involved tokens. That will tell you which one is the better investment.

In this guide, we’ll compare OCEAN and ROSE and help you decide which is better. You’ll learn about the currency basics, previous price fluctuations, and future predictions!

What Is OCEAN?

We’ll start comparing OCEAN vs ROSE by learning more about the former. The Ocean Protocol is a project that focuses on leveraging the power of data and helping to connect data consumers and providers.

The Ocean Market App allows you to sell pieces of data while maintaining the desired level of control and privacy. The same app allows consumers to acquire private information that they couldn’t get without it. It’s clear that experts in collecting and analyzing big data and AI practitioners are those who can benefit from this project the most.

You can use OCEAN coins to acquire data on the app. OceanDAO also gives you governance rights over the protocol if you own coins, and you can also stake tokens to curate data.

OCEAN Market History

OCEAN token has a market cap of around $208 million, which puts it out of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by this parameter. The tokenomics indicate that 563,381,103 OCEAN tokens are in circulation. That’s roughly around 40% of the maximum supply, set at 1,410,000,000 OCEAN coins.

If we observe market movement since 2019, we’ll notice that’s when OCEAN was at an all-time low of $0.01351. The coin had been gaining value until 2021 when it reached an all-time high of $1.94. The crypto crisis in 2022 led to a huge price drop and OCEAN almost hit its ATL. However, it bounced back in 2023 and is now worth $0.3893.

OCEAN Price Prediction

It’s hard to expect that OCEAN will move much from the current price until the end of 2023. Most experts believe it could only go up to 10% down or up from its current worth of $0.3893.

In 2024, some investors actually expect the coin to be in a rough patch and drop to $0.32 or lower. Others claim OCEAN will gain value and reach at least $0.65. Optimistic investors state that the coin will break the $1 threshold in 2025 and be worth over $1.5 in 2026.

What Is ROSE?

ROSE is the native token of the Oasis Network. It’s a layer-1 blockchain solution that aims to compete primarily with Ethereum. It can handle up to 1,000 transactions per second, making it faster than Ethereum. Oasis uses the proof-of-stake mechanism to maintain optimal user privacy.

The network supports smart contracts, which makes it possible for developers to create decentralized apps on this platform. Oasis uses ROSE as the native token, and it serves for paying the transaction fees and staking.

ROSE Market Position

ROSE has a market cap set at $326 million, which is still not enough to enter the top 100 crypto coins. The maximum token supply is ten billion tokens, and about 65% is in circulation.

Checking out the price fluctuations from 2020, we notice that ROSE had an all-time low in November that year. It was $0.03205, and the coin was going up and down for a while. With the crypto boom in 2021, ROSE also gained value. In January 2022, it reached its all-time high of $0.5964. However, it hasn’t been great for Oasis Network since then. ROSE lost over 91% of its value in the next two years, so it’s now worth only $0.05.

ROSE Price Prediction

The estimations for 2023 put the token anywhere from $0.0465 to $0.11. However, it’s hard to believe there’s time for ROSE to make such a big jump. In 2024, most experts agree that the coin will go over the $0.11 limit, with some believing it could go all the way up to $0.19.

ROSE might reach $0.22 in 2025, and in 2026, the coin could be worth anywhere from $0.20 and $0.65. There aren’t any predictions that foresee the coin will lose its value over the coming years.

OCEAN vs ROSE: What to Choose?

If you only focus on predictions, it seems that ROSE has a future where its value will increase more than OCEAN. But essentially, the two projects are significantly different. The Oasis network is an Ethereum competitor that allows dApp creation. On the other hand, Ocean Protocol offers an intriguing way of connecting data providers and consumers. If you find that project appealing, why not invest in OCEAN? Ultimately, the decision is yours, so pick on what fits your portfolio and preference!