Packaging Design Guide For Small Pet Food Companies

Small pet food companies are changing the marketplace with unique products, but it can be difficult to stand out in the pet food aisle. Pet food packaging is just as important as coffee bag packaging. It’s important to develop eye-catching packaging that attracts your customers. Here are some tips.

Choosing The Right Material

Pet food often has a strong aroma to appeal to the animal. The material you choose for your packaging needs to stand up to funky odors to keep pets out of the package. You also want material that keeps your product fresh. When choosing packaging for animal food, you have to consider both animals and humans. Working with flexible packaging suppliers that have a variety of options lets you find the perfect packaging that hits all your targets.

Understanding Your Packaging Styles

Pet packaging design matters on the shelf to attract the customer at the store. How your product is displayed makes the sale or not. Larger bags may be laid on their side on the shelf, making the end of the package the only thing the customer sees. Small bags can work for many products, but keep in mind what the customer wants. Custom-designed packages give you more options to display your product on the shelf and in pictures to grab the customer’s attention.

Features That Benefit Customers

You might be selling a product that animals use, but humans will be the ones opening the package and using it. Packaging needs to be user-friendly. Think about how the package will be resealed every day or how the customer will get the item out of the package. It may need a handle for easy pouring or safety features to keep small children from getting to it.

Think Sustainability

Modern customers are more eco-conscious. It’s important to keep your packaging green. Your packaging needs to keep your product fresh, but it should also reduce waste. Packaging materials should make your product better without adding a lot of unnecessary bulk. Extra packaging increases shipping weight, so you’re doing yourself a favor by minimizing the packaging and being environmentally friendly.

The Outside Design Matters

Whether you’re designing pet food packaging or frozen food packaging, your packaging needs to include beautiful graphics and illustrations, enticing colors and readable fonts. The more distinctive your packaging is, the more it will stand out on the shelf and on social media. Your package needs to provide all the required information for a customer to make an informed decision.

Honesty In Marketing

The packaging that houses your product won’t mean anything if the outside doesn’t match what’s in the package. Use language on your packaging that is honest with your customers. Include appealing graphics that catch the customer’s eye. Explain your product succinctly and tell your customer why they should buy it. Don’t use a lot of marketing terms or clog up the packaging with clutter. Be direct with your customers when developing pet food packaging. Find packaging solutions for your pet food product with artwork and marketing support.