Rustic Farmhouse Décor Styles and How to Incorporate Them into Your Home

Experts expect the furniture market to reach over $786 billion globally by 2028. That’s a CAGR of 4.6%.

When buying a new home, one of the best parts is decorating it to suit your taste. You can purchase furniture and decorations to match your vision if you understand your preferred styles.

It’s essential to be able to express your individual style to make your home feel your own. This article is going to explore how to make a room more rustic.

This blog discusses everything to know about designing with rustic farmhouse décor. Keep reading if this sounds like something you’d like in your home.

What Is Rustic Farmhouse Décor?

Before discussing creating a rustic look, let’s discuss what it is first. Rustic represents a broad category and denotes an organic, rough, casual, natural, and aged style. Rustic furniture is made from raw materials like solid wood that is kept as accurate to its original form as possible.

For example, the rustic style utilizes chunkier wood instead of furniture made from factory-made materials like plywood. This gives the pieces a more organic look; for many people, the more natural-looking the wood, the more desirable it is. Rustic furniture looks rough and is not perfectly sanded or artificially smooth.

The color palette for rustic charm consists of colors primarily found in nature. For example, fall colors like red, green, and brown, and other natural shades like gray and terracotta. Real-world examples of furniture like this can be seen in mountain lodges.

How to Choose Rustic Furniture

You must buy some rustic furniture to complete the updated space to get that log cabin feel in your home. Thankfully, there are furniture store locations all over the US. But how do you know which furniture pieces to buy? There are a few factors to consider:

Consider Functionality and Purpose

When buying rustic furniture, you must keep function and style in mind. This is especially important if you have a small room where traditionally bigger rustic furniture pieces may not fit. In this case, you want to choose furniture that will be functional in the room, such as a smaller sofa or coffee table.

If your home renovation includes redecorating a large room, you have more freedom in which furniture you want to purchase. You can also double up the functionality and buy items that have extra storage capacity.

Buy High Quality

When buying farmhouse décor, you must seek out the best quality wood you can afford. Because they’re made from natural wood, these furniture pieces can be expensive. This higher cost makes them a significant investment, so choosing furniture made of high-quality materials means it will last a long time.

Select Easy-To-Clean Pieces

There are some intricate rustic farmhouse décor pieces on the market that, although they may look beautiful, can be tricky or time-consuming to clean. You also want to ensure you can clean the rustic furniture pieces you choose with products you can access. If they need specially formulated cleaning products, you must consider the extra cost of buying them regularly.

Luckily, you can clean most rustic furniture with a damp cloth and mild soap. You don’t want to use harsh cleaning products because these can strip and destroy the natural grains and colors that make this type of furniture unique.

How to Style a Rustic Room

Now that you know how to choose the perfect rustic furniture for your room, you must know how to style it together with everything else. Here are some steps you can take when styling farmhouse décor.

  1. Paint the Walls

When researching rustic interior design, you’ll notice the palette consists of earthy tones. To start bringing your farmhouse décor look to life, paint the walls a neutral shade that will compliment the furniture. If you need help deciding what shades to consider, there are many rustic color palettes on the internet to draw inspiration from.

  1. Consider the Floor

Another element of incorporating rustic farmhouse décor into your home is using natural rugs. Rugs perform two functions: they help keep the room warm in cooler temperatures, and they help bring out the natural elements of the room. You want to buy rugs made from sisal, jute, bamboo, sea grass, or wool rather than synthetic fibers.

  1. Go Wild

If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, genuine animal skins can take your rustic design to another level. You can incorporate animal skins in many ways. For example, rugs, sofa material, wall art, and smaller bespoke décor pieces like lamps. You have several animals to choose from to bring your vision to life:

  • Zebra
  • Deer
  • Ostrich
  • Buffalo
  1. Mix and Match Your Woods

Another way to create a cohesive rustic design is to mix and match the woods you use in your farmhouse décor. You don’t want to vary the colors too much. Instead, matching several different grains and textures is ideal. 

Wood pieces in your room you can play with are your hardwood floor, wood paneling, and ceiling beams. Additionally, distressed wood can add a unique touch to your updated space.

  1. Go Green

An excellent final touch you can give your updated space is adding plants. Even if you’re not a plant lover, adding one or two low-maintenance plants can help bring out the natural elements in your room.

  • Pro Tip: If you have pets, ensure the plants you choose are safe for them

Some plants you can consider for low-light rooms are Peace Lillies and ZZ plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia). If your room is bright, you can purchase pothos and snake plants. 

Perfect Your Rustic Farmhouse Décor Look

Investing in high-quality rustic furniture to bring your rustic farmhouse décor aesthetic to life is worthwhile. This type of furniture is made to last, using materials like solid wood rather than alternatives like plywood. You want to pick a complimentary color palette when decorating your room with a rustic touch. 

You can incorporate colors like browns and beiges to enhance the room’s natural elements. Finally, adding animal skins can be a great way to kick it to the next level.

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