Signs that you might be needing a RAM upgrade!

Upgrading your device is necessary from time to time, because years down the line your Mac might not have great performance. It’s easy to see why, new devices appear and software evolves, which leads to more resources being required. With that in mind, a RAM upgrade is something all of us might need for our Mac. But when should you upgrade your RAM? Here are some of the signs to look out for.

Apps have very high memory usage

If you check and see that the apps are constantly eating up more than half or 2/3 of your RAM, that’s an issue. It clearly shows you don’t have enough RAM, and you need to find a way to circumvent that. Doing so will help quite a lot, so try to take that into consideration and watch the Activity Monitor!

You have lag when typing

That’s not going to happen if your computer has plenty of resources. But if the Mac is constantly lagging while you type, that’s not good. You need to figure out what method you can use to avoid lag while typing. Thankfully, upgrading your RAM can be very useful in this situation.

The Mac reboots often

If your Mac is rebooting very often, chances are that you don’t have enough RAM and that can be an issue. An upgrade is necessary, since it will help deliver smoother performance and better results as a whole. That being said, reboots can also be caused by other problems too. That means you have to investigate and see what works for you.

Files take a lot of time to load

There are situations when files can take a lot of time to load, and that’s due to a lack of resources. It’s a great idea to upgrade your RAM when you see that files take a huge amount of time to access and load properly. Of course, optimizing your storage and system as a whole might come in handy too.

It’s difficult to run more than one app at a time

Normally that should not be an issue. But if you find it hard to run multiple apps at once, that might be a sign you need an upgrade for your RAM. That being said, you can also look into other components too, as those might also need an upgrade as well.

Your Mac is randomly freezing

Those random freezes might appear due to a lack of resources, more specifically RAM. Sure, it might not be only RAM, but that’s usually one of the major culprits. Try to keep that in mind, and if you see these freezes combined with other issues shown above, you should consider doing a RAM upgrade.

It’s a good idea to check all these issues and see whether you really need more RAM for your device. The truth is that a RAM upgrade can help quite a bit, and it will help boost your Mac’s performance. That, combined with an SSD upgrade can make a huge difference when it comes to device performance!