The Process to Ensure a Successful Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade and Its Advantages

What Dangers Lurk In Continuing To Use Oracle EBS 12.1?

It may seem like a large task to upgrade to EBS version 12.2, and in all honesty, it is. However, sticking with version 12.1 exposes your company to more business risk in terms of data and system performance, particularly without Oracle’s Premier Support as a backup plan.

The following are some of the key dangers of continuing to use EBS 12.1:

According to the Ponemon Institute, staying on 12.1 might cost Oracle EBS clients $9.4 million in lost regulatory compliance.

Your exposure to data breaches rises if your EBS setup doesn’t receive any updated security fixes. The average cost of a data breach, according to IBM, is $4.24 million.

Due to the outdated software’s poor performance, you can notice pauses in your regular company activities.

Applications that need fixes may operate slowly. Without routine EBS upgrades, downtime is frequent. According to a Statista poll, the average hourly outage cost goes from $300,000 to $400,000.

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The Advantages Of Upgrading To Oracle EBS 12.2

  • Establish a project schedule: For the majority of businesses, an EBS update takes one to two quarters. A thorough EBS testing strategy should dedicate 30–40% of the project’s total timetable to creating test cases.
  • Verify CEMLI compliance for testing procedures: A thorough CEMLI evaluation identifies problems, solutions, and the areas that need testing for all extensions, alterations, and customizations.
  • A smart technique is to upgrade your database before the e-business suite upgrade. Perform an EBS functional review. Before upgrading to 12.2, databases must be at least at version to get improvements in security, performance, and stability.
  • Specify the testable: One of the major testing issues is figuring out how to test more functionality in a constrained amount of time. You should test your crucial procedures and confirm that the ERP performs as users would anticipate.
  • Decide what needs fixing: Your current EBS version may have bugs as a result of modifications to customizations and integrations. Examine these flaws and problems to decide which ones from your present ERP system should be addressed in your upgrading effort.
  • Conduct end-to-end testing to guarantee that there are few business interruptions following the update. Concentrate on procedures that incorporate several apps or connectors to ensure that there are no functional issues.

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How to Make an Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade Successful

Because Oracle has stopped providing Premier Support for EBS 12.1, you must update to version 12.2.0 if you are an Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) client still using release 12.1. 

Without Premier Support, your company misses out on a lot of recent Oracle EBS capabilities and keeping an EBS system up and running without Oracle’s assistance carries significant operational risk. Simply, it’s essential to update to the most recent version.


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