The Top 3 Brand Promotion Ideas for Any Business

Apple. Amazon. Google. What do these 3 companies have in common? They were among the most popular brands of 2022 and will continue to be for several years to come.

Whether you stick to a PC, shop in your local bookstore, or search on Qwant, you know exactly what these 3 brands offer. This is the result of several years of brand marketing.

You must do the same if you want your small business to have longevity in your industry. But what are the best brand marketing strategies to consider?

Here are the promotion ideas to consider for your business:

  1. Sell Challenge Coins

This is something that few brands do, but it is one way to stick out.

Challenge coins are often given to veterans as a symbol of their service. This gift is often used as a “key” for attending exclusive events. If you ever throw exclusive events for your business, you can give challenge coins to your attendees.

This is a much more interesting way to enter rather than showing a paper ticket or QR code!

You can purchase EMS challenge coins online and see examples of how other brands use these coins for promotion.

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  1. Appear On Podcasts

Your brand must have a face to represent it. Ideally, this should be the CEO, but if not, make sure it’s someone who works for the company.

This person should know how the company works and should have an affable personality. They should appear on podcasts to discuss their business and the industry.

The more podcasts they appear on, the faster your brand will get recognized within your industry. For example, Rory Sutherland is not the founder or CEO of Ogilvy UK.

However, he often appears on podcasts to discuss his advertising career and insights. This makes him a great spokesperson for what Ogilvy stands for. Likewise, when he was alive, David Ogilvy made media appearances to discuss his firm.

  1. Create a Trend

You may remember the days when everyone was “flossing” on their social media videos.

While this was a trend, it wasn’t unique to a particular brand. As a result, it’s another fad that has faded. What you should do is to create your own trend for your business.

For example, let’s say your company sells Punjabi cookies. Are you going to make an Instagram reel of anyone flossing? No! Rather, you’ll make a video of actors eating Punjabi cookies and then dancing to Bhangra music!

This is how you build a brand. Rather than following popular trends, you make the trends.

Follow These Promotion Ideas

Now you know the best promotion ideas to help you build your brand and establish authority.

Start by printing your brand logo on challenge coins. These are a great entry pass for your exclusive events.

Next, you or a company representative must appear on podcasts often. This lets you discuss your industry and designate yourself as a leader in your niche.

The final step is to create a social media trend. Don’t follow the existing ones. Instead, create a new one from scratch.

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