Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Repave Your Asphalt Parking Lot

There’s something incredibly appealing about a smooth, freshly-paved parking lot. Unfortunately, a lot can’t stay looking brand-new forever.

Fortunately, your asphalt parking lot will usually tell you when to repave. Here are the top five signs you should look for. Observing these symptoms promptly will help you avoid costly repairs down the road.


Asphalt paving near me is durable but can wear down over time. Cracks are often a sign that it’s time for a repave. Cracks are unsightly and may pose a safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians.

Longitudinal cracks are a serious issue that requires full-depth repair. These cracks run across the entire lot and can cause damage to the base layers.

Alligator cracking is a network of interconnected cracks that resemble the scaly skin of an alligator. This cracking is caused by fatigue and usually occurs in heavy-traffic loading areas. It’s important to call a professional as soon as you notice these types of cracks. Crack filling is an effective repair that can help save your pavement from further damage. Left untreated, alligator cracking can lead to subbase failure and expensive repair costs.


Do you have spots in your asphalt parking lot where large puddles form each time it rains? Uneven surfaces are unattractive and a tripping or safety hazard for customers driving through your retail parking lot. Drivers will likely sustain vehicle body damage (like scrapes, dents, and scratches) from traveling over uneven surfaces.

Potholes result from localized breaks in asphalt caused by weather and environmental conditions like strong UV rays, rain, sudden cold snaps, snow, and ice. When left unaddressed, these deep depressions in the pavement cause damage to vehicles and equipment that drive over them. They are a sign of the need for full-depth asphalt repair and replacement.

Severely Staining

A parking lot is a key business component, so it must look good. Severe staining on your asphalt is a sign that it’s time for repaving. Stains don’t just make the pavement look bad; they can start to break down the surface of your asphalt.

Oil stains are the most common problem, especially in parking lots where vehicles park for extended periods. These stains need to be removed as soon as they’re seen so the stain doesn’t have time to penetrate the asphalt. Commercial cleaning products specifically designed for oil stains can help, but even simple household items like sawdust can work.

Staining is exacerbated by weather conditions not conducive to repayment, such as rain or cold temperatures. This can further damage your asphalt and lead to progressive moisture infiltration, eventually leading to more cracks, divots, and potholes.

Faded Striping

Faded striping in your asphalt parking lot signifies it’s time to resurface the pavement. Pavement markings and lines are essential for ensuring your customers can drive and park organized and keep your parking lot safe for those walking to their vehicles.

The wear and tear of heavy traffic, harsh weather conditions, and snow plow damage cause the lines in your asphalt parking lot to fade over time. When these lines are visible, they make it easier for customers to navigate your parking lot, leading to haphazard parking patterns like double parking or cars parked too far from the curb.

Fading line and direction markings are also a tripping hazard for pedestrians and could be a liability issue for your business. Regular re-striping helps reduce these risks and improves the customer experience.

Water Puddles

A well-maintained parking lot is a great way to keep your business and employees safe and gives customers a positive impression of your business before they even step inside. However, it’s important to remember that asphalt takes a beating over time and will eventually require repair or replacement.

The most obvious sign of this is puddles in your parking lot after it rains. These can be caused by rutting (indentations created by vehicles’ wheels), grade depressions, or poor drainage.

If left unattended, puddles can lead to bigger problems for your parking lot, including potholes and sinking ground. This is why hiring a professional paver to repave your parking lot when you notice signs of wear and tear is crucial.

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