Tuxedo Rentals – A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit

If you plan to attend a special occasion and need to look your best, renting a tuxedo is a good option. However, there are several things to consider before renting one.

The good news is that rental tuxedos are getting an upgrade, from the old-school Uncle Wally’s at the mall to newer players like Generation Tux and Menguin.

Know Your Size

When renting a tuxedo, it’s essential to know your size. This helps ensure your tuxedo fits well and lets you get critical accessories like a tuxedo vest or cummerbund for the perfect look. The first measurement you need is your waist size. To take this, locate where dress pants usually sit on your waist, just above your hips. Wrap the measuring tape around this point firmly but not tightly.

You should also measure your height. Some tux rental places may ask you to provide only your height and weight, but this method is less accurate than taking your measurements. Using height can help you find the correct jacket length, especially when renting a tuxedo for a wedding or other formal event. It would help to take chest and neck measurements, as these can help narrow down your options. Taking these measurements yourself can be tricky, but most tuxedo stores will offer assistance if you need it.

Know Your Occasion

Renting a suit or tuxedo from a tuxedo rental in San Bernardino is often the best option for special occasions. Not only is it cost-efficient, eliminating the need for maintenance and storage, but it’s also an excellent choice for men who want to try out different styles without committing to them permanently.

Rental companies tend to run low inventory during prom and wedding season, so visiting them early and securing your rental as soon as possible is essential. Popular colors and styles also tend to go first, so reserve your favorite look quickly.

Fortunately, finding a Manhattan tuxedo rental is easier than it once was. You can complete the entire process online from home with services. Create an event, whether formal or semi-formal wedding attire, enter your measurements using the easy-to-follow instructional videos, select your look and accessories, and then check out. The system even allows you to manage your groomsmen’s orders so everyone is on the same page.

Know Your Budget

When renting a Tuxedo, the cost of accessories like shoes, ties, and cummerbunds can add up quickly. Some tuxedo rental services provide these items as part of the package, while others do not. It is essential to keep this in mind when planning your budget.

Another thing to consider is whether you plan to wear your tuxedo more than once. If you do, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a tuxedo rather than rent one.

Buying a tuxedo also allows you to customize and tailor it to fit your body type. It is essential to book an appointment with a tailor before trying on your tuxedo. Prom season can strain tuxedo shops’ inventory, so popular styles and colors can sell out fast. Choosing a tuxedo rental service with a vast selection of styles and accessories is crucial for finding the perfect look for your big day.

Know Your Style

When renting a Tuxedo, knowing your style is essential. Many options are available if you prefer to go classic with black and silver or add some personality with cuff links.

Many online tuxedo rental companies have made the process much easier, allowing grooms to try multiple styles in their homes and letting far-flung groomsmen order the same tuxedo without visiting a brick-and-mortar store. However, online rentals often need to offer the benefit of an expert tailor by your side.

Ensure that you’re getting the best fit possible by ordering your tuxedo three months before your event, which will give you time to flag any issues and return it if necessary. A reputable online company will provide you with an explicit return date, so knowing that beforehand is essential. All tuxedo packages include a tuxedo coat, a choice of any style of tuxedo pants, a choice of vest or cummerbund, and a bowtie or long tie.