Ways to Come Up with Top Mobile Game Concept Art Ideas

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Concept Art is an important part of game development. It is the visual representation of the game’s ideas, characters and objects. Creating mobile game concept art can be daunting for those who have not done it before. Luckily, there are several resources that game developers can use to get inspiration for their mobile gaming concept art. 

In this article, we will explore tips on developing mobile game concept art from scratch and using existing sources to help inspire your mobile game conceptual art. With these steps, you can start creating engaging mobile games that your players will love!

Let’s get started.

An Overview of Mobile Game Concept Art

A mobile game concept art is a visual representation of your mobile game’s story, characters, levels and other elements. It forms the basis for everything else you’ll do when developing your mobile game. The art is usually created by a concept artist, who works closely with the game developer to ensure that all elements within the mobile game are accurately represented. 

Game developers and publishers also use the art as a way to market their mobile games to potential players.


The Role of Concept Artist

Concept artists are responsible for the visual development of mobile game concepts, working with the creative vision and art direction set by the game’s producer or director. Concept artists combine technical knowledge with artistic skills to create original mobile game designs representing a studio’s signature style. They create sketches, detailed drawings, and 3D models that provide a framework for the mobile game’s look and feel.

The concept artist is also involved in deciding color selection, character design, and other mobile game art production aspects. Whether working at an independent game art studio or within a larger organization such as an AAA video game publisher, concept artists strive to bring life to their projects through all stages of development—from pre-production to post-production.

Features of Game Conceptual Art

The following features allow for mobile game developers and game art studios to make the most out of their mobile games:

1. Character Design

In mobile gaming, character design is incredibly important as it allows players to connect with their avatars on an emotional level. This helps to engage the player more deeply with the mobile game. Character design should include body shape, facial expressions, clothing choices, and other details which can help craft an immersive environment for mobile gamers.

2. Color Palette

Color plays an essential role in creating atmosphere within mobile games and helping draw attention to certain game elements such as obstacles or rewards. A strong color palette should be built around the game’s concept, allowing players to identify certain objects or areas of the mobile game easily.

3. User Interface

The user interface is essential in mobile games to create an easy and intuitive experience for mobile gamers. This includes buttons, menus, and other elements that help players navigate the mobile game. It should also consider how users interact with mobile devices so that controls are comfortable and easy to understand.

4. Visual Effects

Visual effects can help to add a lot of character to mobile games by creating interesting animations and special effects which make mobile gaming more immersive for mobile gamers. These could include explosions, snowfall, shadows, or other things that can make the mobile game stand out.

5. Asset and Object Illusion

Mobile game conceptual art is a unique form of game design that uses the principles of animation and illustration to create visual stories. A mobile game artist must understand the mobile platform, its limitations and the different types of art styles used in mobile games. This type of graphic art typically involves asset creation, object illusion and lighting techniques, all designed to bring mobile game worlds to life.

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6. Game Environment

Creating game environments is a key part of concept art. Environment artists must create landscapes, structures, lighting and other elements that give the game a realistic feeling. Like characters, these elements need to be designed according to the game’s story and setting.

Steps to Begin with Gaming Concept Art

  • Start by researching the mobile game conceptual art industry. Learn about popular games, existing trends, and the types of mobile game concepts that have been successful.
  • Familiarize yourself with mobile game design elements such as characters, backgrounds and user interfaces. Also, familiarize yourself with various digital art software programs used to create Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D modeling software.
  • Build a portfolio of your mobile game conceptual art pieces using either traditional media or digital media depending on your preferences and abilities for creating mobile game visuals. Starting out with a few simple pieces is recommended before attempting bigger projects.
  • Reach out to mobile game development companies, studios and mobile game publishers to showcase your art pieces. Networking with other artists can be a great way to get valuable feedback on your work and gain industry contacts.
  • Develop a professional website or portfolio specifically for displaying mobile game concept art pieces to bring attention to the quality of your artwork and increase the chances of getting hired for projects. Large companies often require this for talented artists.
  • Continue working on new mobile game conceptual art pieces, keep track of industry trends and stay up-to-date with the latest tools used in mobile game design, so you can keep creating mobile game concept art that meets the current standards.

Following these steps, you can take your mobile game conceptual art skills to a professional level and become an expert artist. With practice, dedication and a good portfolio, you can start working as an artist within the gaming industry and make your mark in the world of mobile game art.

The Bottom Line

Creating mobile game concept art can be a daunting task. But by utilizing the right resources, such as a game art studio specializing in mobile gaming and understanding the process of designing mobile game conceptual art, you can create beautiful mobile graphics that capture your vision and make your mobile game stand out from the competition. 

With the right tools and know-how, creating mobile game concept art can help bring your mobile gaming project to life.

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