Ways to Help Local Communities with Boy Scouts of America

Founded in 1910, Boy Scouts of America has been an asset to boys of all ages. In Boy Scouts, they learn basic survival skills. While boy scouts have changed over the years, the asset the program has when it comes to your kids and learning the importance of giving back has not changed. 

Your children learn the benefits of community projects and volunteering from cub scouts all the way up through their high school years. Boy Scouts is all about preparing your kids to be respectful and honorable individuals. 

Now, it’s time to learn what your troop or your children do to aid them along on their adventure. Continue reading below for some of the ways in which these kids can help out and give back to the community. This is how kind, respectful, and self-sufficient kids are grown.

Lend a Hand to an Elder

When it comes to these scouts, one form of community project that is always available to them is helping out those who are in need. Specifically, elders who might just need a lending hand. Helping an elder cross the street is a trope but also not a myth. 

Many scouts earn their badges by being the giving sort who aids in the abilities of those who need it most. What better way to give back to the community than being helpful to another person who may not be able to move as quickly as they once did? 

Growing older is difficult, but having a younger helpful hand can make a great difference. 

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Food for Less Fortunate

A wonderful part of this Boy Scouts program is helping other families who may not have the means to put food on the table every night. Your child can earn their badge and a whole new perspective by gathering nonperishable food items for a shelter. 

34 million people in the world have had to go without a meal. With the help of a Boy Scout troop, some of these families have found themselves able to have a meal they wouldn’t have before. 

When given the opportunity, you can help these troops by picking up a little something extra to donate to them. Help them give back to the community by putting a meal on the table for another family. 

Clothing Drives

Coat drives and other clothing drives are something that many troops take part in. Gathering items that are gently worn and often forgotten in closets and repurposing them into new hands is something many Boy Scouts do. 

Many families have clothes because of these thoughtful drives. It isn’t always easy to put clothing on loved ones. These drives help to get those textiles into the hands of the less fortunate. 

It is also an asset to the community because it prevents these items from being thrown out carelessly. Giving textiles new lives stops them from landing in the landfill prematurely. 

Feed the Pets

Humans aren’t the only ones that the boy scouts in the community help out. The other is our furry friends who don’t always have homes to go to. Shelters report large deficits when it comes to feeding the animals under their roofs. 

One of the most beneficial community projects that these kids take part in is raising money or even food for these shelter pets. Many scouts are able to change what it’s like for these shelters. Feeding these animals gives these shelters more time to focus on their needs and getting these furry pals homes. 

Raising money for shelters goes to improvements to the shelters themselves as well as food and other needed pet supplies. 

First Responder Thank You’s

Over the past several years we have seen with abundance how important many of these first responders are. It isn’t often that they get the notoriety that they deserve either. One of the things that the Boy Scouts can do to give back to the community is deliver thank you notes. 

While this may not seem like something big at first, a simple thank you goes a long way. For many first responders, knowing that their work is recognized is a big deal. Troops write notes and words of encouragement and deliver them to respected offices. 

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Preserving Nature

Through the generations, we become more and more dependent on screens. All too often we forget how important it is to care for our surroundings. One of the ways that the boy scouts earn their badges and give back to the community is by putting the screens away and caring for their surroundings. 

For many troops, planting trees and flowers or even picking up litter is one of the ways they can do this. Spending time in nature and improving their communities is a great way to give back to the community. 

These kids improve the future by putting in the time and effort to clean up what is already in front of us and by adding new life to the ecosystems. Planting new trees and flowers and cleaning up litter are one of the ways to keep the earth looking happy and beautiful. 

Boy Scouts of America Is a Community Asset

When a child joins the Boy Scouts of America, they earth their badges with a sense of accomplishment. There are plenty of ways that a troop can give back to the communities at hand. The whole point of the organization is to teach them independence and care for those around them. 

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