What Is A Flea Flicker?

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If you’re a fan of football, you may have heard the term “flea flicker” before. It’s a type of trick play that can be both exciting and effective when executed correctly. In this blog, we’ll dive into what a flea flicker is, how it works, and why it’s used in football.

What Is A Flea Flicker?

Simply put, a flea flicker is a type of trick play in American football. It’s designed to catch the defense off guard and create a big play. The play involves the quarterback handing off the ball to a running back, who then laterals or pitches the ball back to the quarterback. The quarterback then throws a deep pass downfield to a receiver who has hopefully gotten behind the defense.

How Does It Work?

The flea flicker is all about misdirection. The initial handoff to the running back draws the defense in, making them think it’s going to be a standard running play. The running back then pitches the ball back to the quarterback, who is usually several yards behind the line of scrimmage. This creates some distance between the quarterback and the defense, giving the receiver time to get open downfield.

Why Is It Used?

The flea flicker is a high-risk, high-reward play. When executed correctly, it can result in a big gain or even a touchdown. However, if the defense doesn’t fall for the misdirection, it can also result in a turnover or loss of yardage. It’s typically used in situations where the offense needs a big play to swing momentum or catch up in a game.

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In conclusion, the flea flicker is a type of trick play in American football that involves misdirection and can result in a big play. While it’s a high-risk, high-reward play, it can be a valuable tool in the right situation. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard football enthusiast, understanding the flea flicker is an important part of appreciating the game.

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How Does A Flea Flicker Work?

A “Flea Flicker” is a play that starts out as a run but ends up as a deep pass. The play will start with the quarterback (QB) handing the ball off to the running back (RB). He’ll then approach the line of scrimmage as if he were attempting a normal running play.

Why Is It Called The Flea Flicker?

Flea Flicker

The creation of the play has been credited to former University of Illinois coach Bob Zuppke. In a 1951 letter, he wrote that he had introduced the play while coaching at Oak Park High in 1910. Zuppke stated that the phrase was meant to evoke “the quick flicking action of a dog getting rid of fleas.”

What Does A Flea Flicker Look Like?

The flea flicker is a trick play designed to look like a run, where the ball is given back to the quarterback after he hands it off, and he can throw it downfield for a big play. If executed perfectly, the opposing defense, including the secondary, will have to stay honest and attack the run.

Does A Flea Flicker Count As A Pass?

A flea flicker is an unorthodox play, often called a “trick play”, in American football which is designed to fool the defensive team into thinking that a play is a run instead of a pass. It can be considered an extreme variant of the play action pass and an extension of the halfback option play.


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