What Is Docket Sounding?

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What Is Docket Sounding?

Docket sounding is a legal term used to describe a procedural hearing in a criminal case. This hearing is also known as a “calendar call” or “trial call” and is designed to establish the readiness of both the prosecution and defense for trial.

During a docket-sounding hearing, the judge will call out the names of each case scheduled for trial, and the attorneys for each side will indicate whether they are ready for trial. If either side is not ready, they must provide a valid reason, such as a need for additional discovery or time to prepare evidence.

Docket sounding hearings are typically held in criminal cases to ensure that both the prosecution and defense are prepared for trial and to identify any scheduling conflicts or issues that need to be resolved. These hearings may also be used to set a trial date or to reschedule a previously set trial date.

In some jurisdictions, docket-sounding hearings may be held in civil cases as well, particularly in cases where a trial is expected to be lengthy or complex. During the hearing, the judge may address any outstanding issues or concerns and ensure that both parties are ready for trial.

Docket-sounding hearings can be an important part of the legal process, as they help to ensure that trials are conducted in an efficient and timely manner. By identifying any issues or conflicts early on, the parties can work to resolve them and prevent delays or disruptions in the trial process.


In conclusion, docket sounding is a procedural hearing held in criminal and civil cases to establish the readiness of both parties for trial. By identifying any issues or concerns early on, docket-sounding hearings can help to ensure that trials are conducted in an efficient and timely manner.

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What Does A Docket Sounding Mean In Florida?

Docket Sounding is the last effort of the judge and the attorneys involved to schedule specific days and times for trials just prior to the beginning of the trial docket. All victims and witnesses will receive a subpoena for a time certain when scheduled.

What Is A Jury-Sounding Docket In Oklahoma?

Jury Call Docket

This is a hearing where the defendant and his or her attorney meet with the judge and the prosecutor to announce whether the defendant wants to go to trial or plead guilty. If the defendant decides to proceed to trial, the judge will schedule the trial’s start date.

What Is Docket Day In Florida Court?

Docket Day/Plea Day

This is a case management day, where a person appears before the judge and announces if they are prepared for trial, asks for the case to be continued, or enters a plea of nolo contendere. If there is an agreement as to sentencing, the sentence is imposed at that time.

How Long Does The State Have To File Charges In Florida?

3.134. The state shall file formal charges on defendants in custody by information, or indictment, or in the case of alleged misdemeanors by whatever documents constitute a formal charge, within 30 days from the date on which defendants are arrested or from the date of the service of capiases upon them.


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