What Is Industrial Machinery?

Industrial machinery is any kind of machinery with industrial strength that is used in large-scale manufacturing operations or businesses. Industrial machinery dealers stock a wide range of heavy-duty equipment. This includes computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication and milling equipment, drills, grinders, ironworkers, material handling, mills, sanders, saws, welding tables, punctures, and more. Common machines may resemble industrial machinery, but their sizes and uses differ.

Industrial vs. Common Machinery

Leading industrial machinery dealers can provide both industrial equipment and common equipment. Common machines share many similar features with industrial machinery. The primary difference between the two types is that industrial equipment is built to handle large-scale or heavy-duty operations. Common equipment pieces are perfect for regular, small-scale workshops and residential DIYers.

Industrial machines support heavy operations like mass production and oversized materials. Machines in factories or other industrial settings are large, durable, and tough. Industrial machines and equipment may be suitable for some medium-duty business or home projects. Common equipment will not suffice in heavy-duty operations or factories because the machines are not designed with the proper level of strength or durability needed in those settings. Industrial machinery is all about strength and stability. They feature a premium-quality metal construction that supports the intended use. Industrial machines are also highly regulated and must meet strict operation and safety requirements before hitting the market. Industrial machines also come with lengthy warranties.

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Types of Industrial Machinery

When shopping for industrial equipment, look for machines that specialize in the tasks or products specific to your needs. Some machines are built for specific functions within manufacturing plants and factories, while others are versatile and can complete various tasks. Stick to machines that are produced by leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and reputable dealers that provide genuine, quality products.

The intended application of each machine distinguishes the types and categories of industrial equipment. Some machines can be used in various industries, while others are made only for specific industries and uses. Here’s an overview of popular types of industrial machines:

1. Milling

Milling is a common manufacturing step required to achieve precise dimensions. Industrial mills feature large rotary cutters to trim materials. Horizontal and vertical milling machines are common in the wood, logging, and timber trade industries. These large machines work with different materials and remove excess material from the feed during operation.

2. Grinding and Sanding

Industrial grinders and sanders are popular equipment used in various sectors. Many manufactured products require grinding, sanding, and polishing to achieve a smooth finish. Factories that produce large orders require efficient grinders and sanders optimized for their specific use. Industrial grinding and sanding machines are efficient and robust.

3. Drilling and Sawing

Saws and drills are common in fabrication jobs. Industrial saws can cut through wood, plastic, metal, and other materials. The drills can also puncture holes through materials of different thicknesses. Drills and saws are used in mining, car manufacturing, construction, and tool manufacturing industries.

4. Fabrication

Industrial fabricators feature unique parts that mold materials into specific shapes and sizes. A paper core plant may feature gears and steel mandrels for winding spiral or complex cores. Metalworking machinery may have trays, pressors, and die-casting setups to achieve specific molds. Industrial fabrication machines are elaborate and expansive.

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5. Welding

Industrial welders use large welding tables and sleek, ergonomic torches and other tools that are easy to handle. The equipment can work with gas or electricity and is made with durable components that can withstand high temperatures. Welding machines are common in the auto and repair industries. The tools used in welding are also popular in metalworking, construction, and civil engineering.

6. Pressing and Rolling

Industrial presses and rolls have uses in sectors that involve large-scale production. Pressing involves applying large amounts of pressure to flatten or bend materials. Press machines are popular in the manufacturing, printing, and food processing industries. Rolling machines are used to flatten and curve materials and they are common in the construction, manufacturing, and shipping industries. These machines are large and efficient enough to accommodate heavy-duty, year-round production operations.

Reputable Industrial Machinery Dealers

Finding industrial machinery for your factory, plant, or company should be effortless. Leading industrial machinery dealers offer a wide range of equipment for all of your application needs. You can find new or used industrial machinery including saws, mills, drills, fabricators, sanders, rollers, grinders, and presses. A reputable industrial equipment dealer can provide you with premium quality industrial machines from the best brands.