What Is PPTO Walmart?

what is ppto walmart

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What Is PPTO Walmart?

Paid Personal Time Off (PPTO) is a benefit offered by Walmart to its employees, providing them with paid time off for personal reasons, such as illness, vacation, or family obligations. Walmart’s PPTO policy is designed to be flexible, allowing employees to use their PPTO hours as needed, and is a valuable perk for those who require time off without losing pay.

Walmart’s PPTO policy is based on hours worked, with full-time employees receiving up to 48 hours of PPTO per year and part-time employees receiving up to 24 hours of PPTO per year. This flexible policy allows employees to take time off in increments as small as 15 minutes, making it easy for them to manage their time and schedule.

One of the benefits of Walmart’s PPTO policy is that it provides employees with the flexibility to take time off without having to worry about losing pay. This can be especially important for employees who need to take time off for unexpected events, such as illness or family emergencies. Additionally, Walmart’s PPTO policy is designed to be easy to use, with employees able to request PPTO hours through the company’s online portal.

Walmart offers a wide range of benefits to its employees, including health and wellness benefits, retirement savings plans, and other perks designed to support their well-being and success. With its PPTO policy, Walmart demonstrates its commitment to supporting its employees and providing them with the flexibility they need to manage their personal and professional lives.


In conclusion, Paid Personal Time Off (PPTO) is a valuable benefit offered by Walmart to its employees, providing them with paid time off for personal reasons. With its flexible usage options, easy-to-use online portal, and other employee benefits, Walmart is committed to supporting its employees and helping them to achieve success both personally and professionally. If you’re considering employment with Walmart, be sure to take advantage of its valuable PPTO policy and other benefits.

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How Does Using PPTO At Walmart Work?

If you choose “sick/other” it’ll use protected PTO first. Your absence will be authorized, even if you aren’t able to request it before your absence, as long as you’ve got enough protected PTO to cover it. If you run out and don’t have enough, your regular PTO will be used to pay the rest.

When Can You Start Using Ppto At Walmart?

You can start using the PTO you earn beginning on your 90th day with Walmart, and can use PTO as soon as you earn it. Your paid time off is divided into two buckets: regular PTO and Protected PTO. Regular full-time and part-time associates receive both types.

What’s The Difference Between Pto And Ppto At Walmart?

PTO is paid time off. PPTO is paid protected time off. You would use PPTO when calling out sick or coming it late, it keeps you from receiving attendance “occurrences”. If you get 5 occurrences you are terminated.

Can Walmart Fire You For Using Ppto?

This can be used WITH approval by your manager first so that they too can rearrange the manpower. Unless you have a contract that says otherwise or you don’t live in a right to work state they can fire you for any reason other than being a member of a protected class.


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