What Is The Difference Between Townhouse And Condo?

Searching for the difference between townhouse and condo? then here is the right place. You will come to know answers for every doubt that you are having related to condominiums and townhouses. I will tell you what is meaning of the townhouse vs condo in detail. You will understand how the structures, documents, areas, etc differ from each other in these two things. I am going to explain very interesting points that will help you a lot to compare both of them while buying or renting. So let us move further to know the difference between townhouse and condo quickly.

What Is The Difference Between Townhouse And Condo?

The difference between townhouse and condo houses is more than the structure and appearance. There is a difference between their type of ownership, area for use, and more. 

We will see about it further to know which is better a townhouse or a condo. But first, let us see the meaning of what is townhouse vs condo in detail.

What Is A Townhouse?

A townhouse is a single-family home, with two or three-storey structures. It is located in the town area where all other houses nearby are in the same structures or with similar looks. The locality houses are built in rows and walls may be shared. It is an individual property that might have a small yard in front or back depending upon the town community.

What Is A Condo?

A condo is a small family home unit in a building or apartment. It is an individual space that has other house units below, above and to the sides. Only the interior area of the home is belonging to the owner, and other amenities in the building are accessible publicly. It is generally called a condominium. One building can have many condos units on every floor. The structure difference between townhouse and condo units varies according to the architecture of apartments or buildings.

We discussed what is the difference between a condo and a townhouse definition. You will need all this information before investing in a property so keep reading till last. Now let us begin with the difference between the facts of townhouse and condo one by one.

Difference Between Townhouse And Condo

We discussed what is the difference between a condo and a townhouse definition. You will need all this information before investing in a property so keep reading till last. Now let us begin with the difference between the facts of townhouse and condo one by one.

  • Structure

The structural difference between townhouse and apartment condo is mentioned below. Let us read about it.


The townhouses are the homes which usually built in a row where the walls separate the neighbour houses. They mostly have two or three floors. The ground floor has a kitchen, halls, dining area, etc. and on the upper floors, you will have bedrooms, bathrooms, and balcony. There is a difference between townhouse and condo in yard or lawn that you will get in townhouses in the front or back portion. You will get a separate parking space in front of the house or may have a garage for your vehicle.


Condos are the house units constructed inside a building of several floors. There are two or three bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and hall everything in a compact unit. Every floor has similar house units, where units are separated by walls. There is common parking of the building, the parking may vary accordingly to the space and area.

Let us see the second point of difference between townhouse and condo and apartment that is ownership.

  • Ownership Type

Here I have described the difference between townhouse and condo ownership type in detail.


Townhouses have both facilities of ownership such as they can be purchased as well rented. A difference between townhouse and condo while buying and renting depends upon association. You get the complete area of the house to use freely in the townhouse. 


The condo is mostly purchased and owned by the owner. Very few times found condos are found rented. The only interior of the housing in the condo can be owned freely. The outer areas such as corridors, lifts, stairs, gardens, etc are owned publicly by the people staying in the same building or apartment. You will get a reserved area in the parking to park the vehicle.

  • Privacy

Privacy is one of the important factors to understand the pros and cons of condos and townhomes differences.


You get more difference between townhouse and condo privacy is more in the townhouse. There is no need to share corridors or stairs in the townhouse with the neighbors. You get your own separate parking space or garage for your vehicle. Different types of flowering plants can be planted in your yards. You can decorate your houses at the time of Christmas with lightings. 


In the condo, you get privacy only into your house, which is sweet and ample. However, the floors, stairs, corridors, parks, etc are also owned by the other people who are belonging to the same building. You will need to keep your voices low as it might disturb other neighbours on the same floor. It depends on the community and neighborhood. 

  • Security

The Security difference between townhouse and condo townhouse let us see in the following.


The townhouse has good enough privacy however, there may be a decline in its security. However, you can increase its security by having iron gates, good locks to the houses and cameras at the doors. Nowadays, people are more aware and have all such security accessories in their townhouses.


The condos are in the building and every building have there owned security system. The building is in well-gated areas as well as good compound walls to all sides of it. Security cameras are located in every area in the building such as parking, elevators, gardens, etc for the safety as well as security of the people.

  • Amenities

The amenities are the things that you should check when you are shifting to a new home. Let us see what kind of amenities difference between townhouse and house condominium.


The amenities that are shared by the neighborhood and community in the townhouses are very few as compared to the condos. There will be a small lawn in the townhouse and a park in a condo which is an example of the difference between townhouse villa and condo in an apartment. But there may be roads and lanes in the townhouses areas that are maintained by the community.


In the condo, you will get several different amenities. As these are the amenities that you can enjoy without any hesitation. There are gyms, pools, running tracks, terraces, etc areas that you get in the form of the amenities.

  • Maintenance

Keeping the maintenance from time to time decreases future problems. Let us see what difference between condo and townhouse and apartment are having. 


While staying in the townhouse you will need to keep maintaining all of the things in it. You will need to paint the walls and house. Repair the lights inside the house, maintain the lawn, etc.


In a condo, you will need to maintain the interior of the house however, the exterior of the apartment and building is maintained by the society that you pay maintenance charges. The floors, corridors, staircases, etc are cleaned also the elevators or outer lighting systems are repaired by the maintenance association. 

  • Regulations And Rules

The difference between townhouse and duplex apartment condo rules are regulated by homeowner associations.


There are fewer rules and regulations applied over the townhouses by the homeowners association.


Condos have many rules and regulations mentioned by a homeowner association. They have to follow them strictly as there are other families and to improve the lifestyle. Rules help to follow a smooth routine of security, safety and maintenance.

  • Home Insurance Prices

There is a difference between townhouse and condo insurance prices that we will see below.


The insurance price for the townhouse is higher as compared with the condo. The difference between townhouse condo and duplex townhouse buildings will be increased due to more size and area available. As the townhouse belongs completely to the owner the interior and exterior both need to be covered under the insurance.


Under the home insurance for condos, only the interior of the housing unit is covered. The insurance difference between condo and apartment are separately made by owner and associations respectively.

  • Homeowner Association Fees

The difference between townhouse vs apartment condominium homeowner association fees is described below.


The homeowner association fees for the townhouse or townhomes are less as compared to condos. It depends upon facilities and amenities provided such as water bills, road maintenance, etc. The fees need to be paid monthly or annually depending upon the governed association.


The condo has high homeowner association fees, as the maintenance of the building is done by collecting the fees. The difference between townhouse and condo fees is that a common charge is taken from all the residing owners in the building to pay the cost for the facilities like gyms, gardens, building maintenance, etc.

  • Resale Value

Resale value is necessary to look into while buying a condo vs townhouse, as your investment should increase. 


A townhouse is an individual property, hence it is more beneficial while resale. The value of the townhouse property increases as it is more private and can be used as per your need.


The resale value is low while selling the condo. It is also a good option for investing, however, it depends upon the local areas and community. People carefully think while buying condos, like from how many years the building premises have been built, localities, etc.

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Can You Hear Neighbors In A Townhouse?

As a condo or townhouse tenant, you may recognize the sound of neighbors’ voices through the walls or their footsteps above. Sound is created when something vibrates, and it must travel through objects, liquids or air to reach your ear.

Is Buying A Townhouse A Good Investment In 2022?

If you are an investor, buying a townhouse or a street of townhomes may be a good investment. These properties are sought after and are desirable for first-time homeowners. Investing in these properties can provide a steady cash flow and provide a great return on your investment.

Do Townhouses Hold Their Value?

Yes, townhomes will retain value in the long term, but they’ll face more valuation volatility than single-family homes – decreasing in value faster and taking longer to fully recover.

Why Do Townhomes Not Appreciate In Value?

Unlike single-family homes, townhouses don’t appreciate as much. They tend to appreciate much more slowly than other properties. This is mainly because they don’t have as much land as single-family homes.

What Is A Condo Vs Duplex?

When you own a duplex, you’ll have your own portion of yard in front, along and/or behind your home. However, as a condo owner, you’re more likely to have more shared common spaces, such as grassy areas, swimming pools, decks and more.

In What Way Is A Townhome Similar To A Condominium?

In what way is a townhome similar to a condominium? They both typically have HOA dues. Which of the following describes a single-family dwelling with attached walls and no separate land ownership?

What Is A Townhouse Vs Duplex?

Townhomes are multi-family housing complexes and can include 3, 4 or 5 units in a row, or 4 units stacked with 2 units on the top floor and 2 units on the main floor. Many units will share a wall on either side. Duplexes only have two connected homes, so both duplex owners own half the home and only share one wall.

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Here we discussed the difference between townhouse and condo generally. I told you about the factors that differentiate both of them such as their structure, insurance, fees, etc. You came to know how the homeowner associations are involved in both of the houses. The points like privacy, safety, maintenance, everything that I explained will be helpful for you in future. Now you can easily make the difference between townhouse and condo while purchasing a new home.