What kind of furniture should I have for a starter office?

There are many things to complete on your task list when starting a new business. In order to run smoothly it helps to have the right equipment for the job, and that includes shopping for the right furniture for your space. Depending on the area you are furnishing, both traditional and home offices have some basics to make your job easier. 

When shopping for your starter office furniture, consider your budget to determine if you will be purchasing used or new pieces. Both used and new furnishings can be found at most office liquidator shops to get you started. 

The Basics

For the basics in office furniture at the very least you will need a desk. Depending on if this is a private office or shared space, factor in what type of desk that should be. A single desk is fine for you alone, but for a shared space you may want to consider an L shaped or two person desk. 

Be sure that the desk is well made and capable of holding equipment such as computers and printers, which can get heavy. You will also need file cabinets and general storage for office supplies as well as personal items to keep your office tidy and running smoothly. 

Visit A Showroom

Take a field trip to your local showroom to check out what is available in your area in the way of office furniture. There you can find the latest styles and make a decision about what look and feel you want your office to have. By taking your room dimensions along on your trip you can also get an idea of what will actually fit well in your space. 

Be sure to ask about stock not on the floor that may be available online, or in the warehouse for additional pieces to the sets that you like. 

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Creating an office that suits your style creates a general sense of comfort. Are you a traditional wood and leather type of person, or does modern glass and chrome hold more appeal for you? There are many styles, materials, and colors to choose from when you are creating your personal space in your office. 

Beyond function style sets the mood, and mood can have a big effect on your productivity. Often for a new office it is easiest to find furniture that comes with a basic matching set with desk, filing cabinets, storage, and chairs, with additional pieces that can be added later to give your office a finished look. 

Important Additions

Besides the look and feel of your office don’t forget to factor in things such as ergonomic chairs and lumbar support. An uncomfortable chair can wreak havoc on your back and neck by creating  muscle strain, and the pain that comes along with it. 

Chairs that recline and have a positional locking function along with adjustable height will help tremendously. Features such as arm rests and possibly foot risers make a big difference in your comfort when spending long hours sitting at your desk. To get started on your new office,look for “office furniture” online in your area.